first_imgTwentebelt (Holme Firth, Yorkshire), a manufacturer of metal conveyor belts, has appointed Kevin O’Brien its UK sales manager, demonstrating the international focus of Twentebelt and its presence in the UK. With Kevin as UK sales manager, Twentebelt provides a local contact person for its overseas business partners.last_img

first_imgMillers and bakers are going through “hair tearing” times as wheat and commodity prices soar, says the National Association of British and Irish Millers (Nabim).Now millers are warning that further flour price increases may be required, despite a rise this month. Breadmaking wheat prices are at record levels, doubling over the past 12 months leading to “hair tearing” times, said Nabim director general Alex Waugh.Paul Matthews, joint MD of miller FWP Matthews, said: “We put our prices up £70 a week ago, but prices have gone through the roof since we made that decision; it is unprecedented, a worldwide problem. We think we will have to go up again, maybe £40 in October. If bakers don’t put their prices up they will not be in business in six months.”Meanwhile, Carrs’ MD Duncan Monroe commented following a flour price increase of £69 a tonne in August: “These wheat markets are horrendous. It is obvious we can’t absorb costs, and a further significant increase can be expected fairly soon.”ADM Milling increased flour prices to £68.13 per tonne from 20 August. ADM marketing manager John Hastwell said it was now watching the situation very carefully and checking the prices of wheat by the hour.The price for breadmaking wheat in the UK and Europe now exceeds £200 per tonne delivered to Liverpool, according to figures supplied by Nabim.Last month’s floods damaged grain crops in the UK, and a worldwide shortage of grain and demand for biofuels are also to blame, Nabim said.Waugh told British Baker the UK’s harvest was reported to be of variable quality and at least 10% smaller than expected. Wheat costs for flour millers are £500m higher than last year.Meanwhile, suppliers report ingredients costs in general are spiralling. For example, soft fruit prices are up 150% year on year and cream prices up 30%. Butter and milk have also been hit, with 100% price increases on butter in the past 12 months. Gluten and yeast prices have also seen double-digit percentage growth.Federation of Bakers director Gordon Polson said: “Cost increases of 100% in 12 months cannot be absorbed by bakers. It is inevitable that the cost of a loaf will continue to rise.”The National Association of Master Bakers (NA) said members need to increase prices by at least 10%. Gill Brooks-Lonican, chief executive, said: “Members are also facing a minimum wage increase, higher electricity costs and rents.”Craft baker Oliver Adams, with 28 shops in Northampton, has added an extra 7p a pound on a range of products. Greggs also indicated price increases of up to 10% could be needed.last_img read more

first_imgAn outside catering company based in Exeter is branching out with its first café. Fresha, based in Sowton, Exeter, purchased the new property, situated on the same site as its existing company activities on Sowton Industrial Estate, last week, and plans to open a café there in the first week of September. An outside catering company based in Exeter is branching out with its first café. Fresha, based in Sowton, Exeter, purchased the new property, situated on the same site as its existing company activities on Sowton Industrial Estate, last week, and plans to open a café there in the first week of September. The 4,000sq ft premises will seat 100 people, mainly catering for the needs of people in the industrial estate and nearby Exeter Business Park. It will serve a range of 100% Fairtrade drinks, including tea and coffee, cakes, sandwiches, paninis and full hot meals, all made on the premises. The company started four years ago with a sandwich van, before going into the buffet market and growing into an outside catering company.Fresha currently employs 15 people and aims to source local ingredients from regional suppliers, focusing on being as environmentally friendly as possible, ideals it will carry through to the café.last_img read more

first_imgOur journey westward continues with a trip to Tesco in Exeter, where the Express & Echo heralded a word of warning to anyone who might find themselves a little peckish at a Tesco checkout. It reported on one shopper who suffered the ignominy of being manhandled to the ground and banned from his local store – for biting on a bread roll before he’d paid for it.David Bowes was reportedly treated “like a terrorist” by a security guard who warned him off his premature chomp as he waited to pay for his goods. Ignoring the guard’s plea, he was “thrown to the ground and pinned face down while police were called” after he apparently became abusive. Bowes said: “I never raised my voice and I never swore but I said, ’You cannot be serious’.”Although Tesco defended its actions, heaven knows how it would have reacted had he brandished the roll as an offensive weapon.last_img read more

first_imgBakers can support rural communities by using flours milled at traditional wind and watermills.Farmers, millers, bakers and retailers are invited to join together at SPAB’s (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) one-day conference Saturday April 16 held in conjunction with the Traditional Cornmillers Guild.It will explore the role to be played by traditional wind and watermills. Speakers will demonstrate that mills can play a key role in supporting the rural economy in the face of change, bringing quality and value to the most essential food staple, but also as a source of renewable energy.Jonathan Cook, Vice Chairman of SPAB’s Mills Section said: Put simply, grain needs milling and bakers need flour. It’s the traditional miller who provides the link between the specialist farmer and artisan baker. For more information email: [email protected] Website: or read more

first_imgProtests over the proposed pie tax reached fever pitch yesterday, going viral on the internet and leading the news agenda.The topic of the government’s proposal to tax hot food products, such as pies, pasties and sausage rolls, by 20% was featured on last night’s episode of BBC’s Newsnight. Labour MP John Mann, who challenged George Osborne in the House of Commons over when the Chancellor last bought a pasty, spoke on the programme.Referring to his decision to challenge Osborne, Mann said: “I think the big significance was that it was predictable, I knew what the reaction would be before I asked the question and I suspected he wouldn’t know, because he hadn’t done.“Why it matters is not whether George Osborne eats Greggs’ pasties or not, but it shows how out of touch the top of the Conservative party is in not realising how vulnerable they would be on this issue – and not least because they don’t have a coherent policy on this issue. You cannot put VAT on pasties in this way.”Ken McMeikan, chief executive of Greggs, appeared on the programme on Tuesday (27 March), and said: “I do fear there are going to be job losses and closures of businesses as a result of this.”David Cameron made a blunder over his last hot pasty purchase yesterday, which he stated was in Leeds railway station from The West Cornwall Pasty Company. However, the company has not operated an outlet from this location for five years, according to BBC’s Newsnight. Labour party leader Ed Miliband decided to make a tactical visit to Greggs in Redditch with members of his party, purchasing eight sausage rolls.National tabloid and broadsheet newspapers have also heavily featured the issue on today’s front pages (29 March), with The Daily Telegraph printing ‘Oh, crumbs… PM’s trial by pasty’ and The Daily Mail saying ‘Pasties, petrol and the politics of panic’.British Baker’s own campaign, Say NO to the 20% Pie Tax, has picked up pace since it launched on Monday (26 March), accumulating almost 300 signatures on an e-petition on the HM Government website, a dedicated Facebook page and a Twitter hashtag #NOpietax, which is being discussed on British Baker’s Twitter feed.Other campaigns such as The Sun newspaper’s ‘Who VAT all the pies?’ is putting further pressure on the government over its decision to tax hot pastries.The Cornish Pasty Society has also set up its own website called Don’t Tax My Pasty and is drumming up support by creating merchandise such as t-shirts and posters. It is donating a portion of its profits to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.JOIN BRITISH BAKER’S CRUSADEYou can join our dedicated campaign, Say NO to the 20% Pie Tax, opposing the government’s decision to place VAT on hot products by:Liking the Facebook page: Say NO to the 20% Pie TaxJoining the debate on Twitter: @BritishBaker and hashtag #NOpietaxSigning the e-petition: read more

first_img By Carl Stutsman – March 10, 2020 0 388 Pinterest Twitter Facebook Twitter Pinterest Facebook WhatsApp Video of a deer spotted in a Mishawaka back yard has been gaining internet attention, because of the deer’s unusual attire.Not that any attire would be normal for a deer, but a bright orange hunters vest does seem an odd fashion choice. DNR officials tell WSBT that it’s likely that the deer is someone’s pet, and they hope it won’t get shot. However putting a vest on the deer may not be the best option because they also say that the deer will continue to grow and the vest will restrict its movement as it grows and cause significant trauma.They are working to tranquilize the deer in order to remove the best and send it back into the wild. Should you see the deer in your neighborhood the DNR asks that you give them a call to report its whereabouts IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Google+ Deer spotted in Mishawaka wearing safety vest Google+ WhatsApp Previous articleBHAS Teacher fired after video of her encourage attack on a studentNext articleSixth Indiana case of coronavirus confirmed in Boone County Carl Stutsmanlast_img read more

first_img WhatsApp WhatsApp High winds on Monday around the region included gusts around 40 miles per hour in Plymouth.Shortly after 11:30 a.m. police responded to a report of a blown over semi that ended up closing the southbound lanes of US 31 at the US 30 interchange.Traffic was blocked for more than an hour and diverted to US 30. There was no word of any injuries.INDOT reported high winds on most of the north-south roads in the area for much of the day. Twitter Facebook Facebook Pinterest Google+ Google+ By Tommie Lee – April 13, 2020 0 294 IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Twitter Semi blown over on US 31 Monday morning at US 30 Pinterest Previous articleSt. Joseph County, Berrien County investigate COVID cases at assisted living centersNext articleSuspect in Phillips 66 shooting death captured after pursuit, crash Tommie Leelast_img read more

first_img Previous articleGoshen woman, 47, killed in chain-reaction motorcycle crash on U.S. 20Next articleFatal Berrien County crash claims life of Michigan man Brooklyne Beatty Utility scam targets Spanish-speaking Elkhart residents By Brooklyne Beatty – July 20, 2020 0 450 (Photo Supplied/State of Massachusetts Government) A new scam is making the rounds in Elkhart, and it primarily targets Spanish-speaking utility customers.The scammer spoofs the Public Works & Utilities phone number (574-293-2572) to make it appear as if the call was coming from the City of Elkhart.When the resident answers, they are told in Spanish that their electricity will be disconnected unless they provide prepaid debit cards to satisfy the balance on their account.The City of Elkhart says this is a scam, and wants to remind residents not to give their financial or personal information out over the phone to one of these callers.Water and sewer payments are made to the City, while electricity, gas and trash are made to outside providers.The number for the billing office for water and sewer is (574) 264-4273. If you have any questions about your account, call this number to receive a clear answer from the billing office. Twitter WhatsApp Pinterest Pinterest WhatsAppcenter_img Google+ Facebook IndianaLocalNews Facebook Google+ Twitter TAGSElkhartIndianaphone callPublic Works and UtilitiesscamscammersSpanishutility last_img read more

first_img Twitter Facebook Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp Google+ Twitter South Bend school students to return to classrooms in October CoronavirusIndianaLocalNews WhatsApp Pinterest Google+ By Jon Zimney – September 29, 2020 2 333 (Photo supplied/ABC 57) South Bend Community School board members have voted to resume in-classroom instruction.CTE and special education students will return on Oct. 5. The majority of other students will head back to schools the week of Oct. 12.Elementary school students will return five days a week.Middle and high school students will use a hybrid model. Previous articleWhat you can expect to see and hear during the Presidential debateNext articleFamily Video closing 100+ stores, three locally Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney.last_img read more