first_img“We believe it would be proper to wait for an official announcement” of the election results, Mr. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, told reporters. “There are certain legal procedures pending that were announced by the current president.” Mr. Peskov sought to couch the delay as a technical matter of diplomatic protocol, and pledged that Mr. Putin would be ready to work with “any elected president of the United States.” But after a weekend during which leaders around the world congratulated Mr. Biden on his electoral victory — even close allies of Mr. Trump like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel — it was clear that the Kremlin was jumping at an opportunity to criticize the United States rather than to try to improve ties. In Russia, elections are tightly scripted, with challengers to the ruling party winning in very rare cases and popular opposition politicians generally unable to get on the ballot. But on Monday, Ella A. Pamfilova, the head of Russia’s Central Election Commission, also sounded off on the superiority of the Russian governance. She said she had studied mail-in voting and decided against using in Russia because it made it too easy to cheat.“This anachronism in its American version opens up boundless possibilities for potential fraud,” she told Tass, a state-run Russian news agency, of voting by mail. “It turns out I was right — what’s going on now in the United States is the best illustration of that.” In unison, Russian officials and state-controlled media echoed Mr. Trump’s depiction of the election as riddled with widespread fraud. On the flagship weekly news program on state television on Sunday night, the host, Dmitri Kiselyov, said the election showed the United States to be “not a country but a huge, chaotic communal apartment, with a criminal flair.” And on a political talk show, Oleg Morozov, a lawmaker, said American democracy had deteriorated to the point that “one can manipulate it, tune it and tamper with it to achieve certain result.”- Advertisement – For years, the Kremlin has painted Western democracy as dangerously chaotic compared to what it says is the safety and stability offered by President Vladimir V. Putin. Thanks to President Trump’s unfounded allegations that Democrats stole last week’s presidential election, the Kremlin now has a fresh chance to claim vindication. On Monday, a spokesman for Mr. Putin said Russia will not recognize Joseph R. Biden Jr. as president-elect until Mr. Trump’s court challenges to the election results run their course. – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

first_imgThis came six months after Hudson announced that she and Fujikawa were expecting their first child together. “We have been trying to keep this pregnancy under the radar for as long as possible but I’m a poppin now!” the Los Angeles native wrote on Instagram in April 2018. “And it’s too darn challenging to hide, and frankly hiding is more exhausting then just coming out with it! My kids, Danny, myself and the entire family are crazy excited! A little girl on the way.”The Golden Globe winner welcomed Ryder in 2004 with her ex-husband, Chris Robinson, followed by Bingham seven years later with her ex-fiancé, Matt Bellamy.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Kate Hudson loves her little ones! The actress became a mom in 2004 and has been gushing about her family ever since.The Almost Famous star most recently welcomed her daughter, Rani, in October 2018 with her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. “She’s here,” the Fabletics creator wrote on Instagram at the time. “We have decided to name our daughter Rani (pronounced Ronnie) after her grandfather, Ron Fujikawa. Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly. To name her after him is an honor. Everyone is doing well and happy as can be. Our family thanks you for all the love and blessings that have been sent our way and we send ours right back.”- Advertisement –center_img In April 2019, a source told Us Weekly about her coparenting relationships with the Black Crowes singer and the Muse frontman. “[She] sees Matt a lot with Bing, who also has separate time with his dad,” the insider explained to Us at the time. “Chris lives in northern California but comes down to visit because Kate supports Ryder having a positive relationship with his dad.”Keep scrolling for a look at the Pretty Fun author’s best quotes about her family, from her parenting style to her post-baby body journey.last_img read more

first_imgI don’t know. What I can say for certain is that I’m not yet ready to abandon the possibility of America—not just for the sake of future generations of Americans but for all of humankind. I’m convinced that the pandemic we’re currently living through is both a manifestation of and a mere interruption in the relentless march toward an interconnected world, one in which peoples and cultures can’t help but collide. In that world—of global supply chains, instantaneous capital transfers, social media, transnational terrorist networks, climate change, mass migration, and ever-increasing complexity—we will learn to live together, cooperate with one another, and recognize the dignity of others, or we will perish. And so the world watches America—the only great power in history made up of people from every corner of the planet, comprising every race and faith and cultural practice—to see if our experiment in democracy can work. To see if we can do what no other nation has ever done. To see if we can actually live up to the meaning of our creed.The jury’s still out. I’m encouraged by the record-setting number of Americans who turned out to vote in last week’s election, and have an abiding trust in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in their character and capacity to do what is right. But I also know that no single election will settle the matter. Our divisions run deep; our challenges are daunting. If I remain hopeful about the future, it’s in large part because I’ve learned to place my faith in my fellow citizens, especially those of the next generation, whose conviction in the equal worth of all people seems to come as second nature, and who insist on making real those principles that their parents and teachers told them were true but that they perhaps never fully believed themselves. More than anyone else, my book is for those young people—an invitation to once again remake the world, and to bring about, through hard work, determination, and a big dose of imagination, an America that finally aligns with all that is best in us.THREE OTHER ARTICLES WORTH READINGtop comments • RESCUED DIARIESQUOTATION“The reserves of emotion pent up during those many months when for everybody the flame of life burned low were being recklessly squandered to celebrate this, the red-letter day of their survival. Tomorrow real life would begin again, with its restrictions. But for the moment people in very different walks of life were rubbing shoulders, fraternizing. The leveling-out that death’s imminence had failed in practice to accomplish was realized at last, for a few gay hours, in the rapture of escape.” ~~Albert Camus, The Plague (1947)TWEET OF THE DAYx At Daily Kos on this date in 2009—FRC would support a primary challenge against Snowe:On Tuesday, we learned Maine Republicans would dump Olympia Snowe in a primary challenge vs. a conservative. One day later, TPM reported that the social conservative group Family Research Council would also support a primary challenge against Snowe.”Well of course there is an audience that would love to see Olympia Snowe out of office, within the ranks of social conservatives, that’s for certain,” said Mackey.A new survey from Public Policy Polling (D) found that a generic conservative challenger would lead the moderate Snowe in a Republican primary by a whopping 59%-31% margin.“I think a couple years ago, we wouldn’t have thought it was possible,” said Mackey. “However, those numbers are interesting, and I think those numbers might just track the fact that a lot of Americans are waking up to the liberal policies, what they mean and how they’re playing out. And it may be affecting her, with her votes for the stimulus, and breaking from her party. And we would like to see a conservative have a chance to remove her from office up there.” BLAST FROM THE PAST- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement –last_img read more

first_imgEngland head coach Phil Neville said: “While I am disappointed for our fans and players, I fully respect Norway’s decision not to travel. These are still challenging times where health and safety for all is the most important thing to consider.“We will still look to get the squad together for the final time this year, and continue the work we have been doing in integrating younger players and building for the future.”This is a breaking football news story that is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh this page for the latest updates.- Advertisement – England Women’s home match against Norway, due to be played on Tuesday December 1 in Sheffield, has been cancelled because of coronavirus considerations.The Norwegian Football Federation has confirmed its squad cannot travel due to coronavirus considerations and instead the Lionesses will hold a training camp.- Advertisement – Sky Sports brings you live updates as they happen. Get breaking sports news, analysis, exclusive interviews, replays and highlights.Sky Sports is your trusted source for breaking sports news headlines and live updates. Watch live coverage of your favourite sports: Football, F1, Boxing, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Rugby League, Rugby Union, NFL, Darts, Netball and get the latest transfers news, results, scores and more.Visit or the Sky Sports App for all the breaking sports news headlines. You can receive push notifications from the Sky Sports app for the latest news from your favourite sports and you can also follow @SkySportsNews on Twitter to get the latest updates.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement –last_img read more

first_imgEngland’s forwards shone the most in their 40-0 victory over Georgia at Twickenham for the visitors’ first ever visit to the home of English rugby. Hooker Jamie George grabbed a hat-trick, while the pack scrummaged well and dominated at the lineout. Last Updated: 14/11/20 5:53pm 8 Billy Vunipola: Started strongly but faded as the game wore on. Not his usual safe self. 6/10Replacements – Max Malins made his debut off the bench and while Eddie Jones sent on the cavalry, it did not have quite the desired impact. 6/10 Elliot Daly scored a try in a solid shift, but England's backs did not particularly have the desired impact Elliot Daly scored a try in a solid shift, but England's backs did not particularly have the desired impact

first_imgThe AKASO Keychain smart 4K vlog camera will change the way you record and share your adventures. Simply click this tiny vlogging camera to your backpack, jacket, hat, or somewhere else, and then you can hands-free record all you do with just one click. Offering EIS 2.0 stabilization, this 4K cam ensures you get high-quality footage that won’t make anyone motion sick. In fact, you can record for up to 60 minutes with the Keychain! Letting you capture 4K and 30 fps video footage, this little gadget can also take 20-megapixel photos. Furthermore, it boasts a 124-degree field of view so you can take in everything around you. Whether you want to record a timelapse to take slow-motion video, you can do it with this smart 4K vlog camera. And you’ll love that its IP56 waterproof, meaning it can handle any weather you’re in. – Advertisement –last_img read more

first_imgDec 11, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today announced that the Ebola virus has been found in pigs for the first time, a discovery researchers made when they were investigating outbreaks of porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome (PRRS) at several swine producers in the Philippines.The Ebola virus detected in the swine samples was identified by scientists in the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Plum Island laboratory, which determined in October that it was the Reston subtype, according to a report yesterday from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). The subtype, which was discovered in 1989 at a primate facility in Reston, Va., among monkeys imported from the Philippines, can sicken monkeys, but does not appear to clinically infect humans.Juan Lubroth, senior officer in the FAO’s animal production and health division, said the findings may help researchers edge closer to finding the reservoir of the Ebola virus, Bloomberg News reported today.”Since the 1970s, scientists, veterinarians, microbiologists, and physicians have been looking at thousands of species to see if they can find this elusive reservoir, and we have been pretty much empty-handed,” he told Bloomberg. “This opens up avenues to delve into the ecology and do more searching.”Philippine health officials have collected serum samples from people who worked with or were exposed to the animals, which revealed no Ebola Reston antibodies, according the OIE report. Animals in the area have been quarantined, and livestock officials will conduct more tests on the animals as soon as they receive swine testing kits from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The FAO, in its statement today, said it expects that laboratory tools will be developed to test pigs and other animals throughout the Philippines to determine how extensive the Ebola Reston virus is.It advised against handling pork infected with the Ebola Reston virus, because the risks and consequences of contamination are not known.The OIE said the affected swine producers noted a sudden mortality increase in the animals in mid 2007, which continued into early 2008. It said the infected pigs had clinical signs that were consistent with atypical PRRS infection, which can be linked to more than one pathogen.USDA testing showed that the swine samples were 98% similar to the atypical PRRS virus that has been linked to outbreaks in Vietnam and China, the OIE said, adding that morbidity and mortality patterns were also consistent with the same type of virus.See also:Dec 11 FAO statementDec 10 OIE reportCIDRAP viral hemorrhagic fever overviewlast_img read more

first_imgFeb 18, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – From stigmatization of people exposed to the virus to maintaining methadone treatment facilities, public health officials need to plan for a wide spectrum of mental health challenges that would likely emerge during an influenza pandemic, federal officials said today at a US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) live Web seminar (webinar).Dana Taylor, chief of emergency medical services at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), urged pandemic planners to think more broadly than just how the pandemic events will affect people’s feelings and emotions. He said that public perceptions and conclusions will affect their decision-making and behavior, which will be especially important when public health officials need their compliance with social distancing measures and other pandemic-related actions.Taylor  said pandemic planners can work with their communities now to build resilience and can use a process that mental health professionals call “stress inoculation.””The more an individual knows what to expect, the more mitigation of fear and panic,” said Taylor, who suggested that pandemic planners can use prepandemic stages to identify credible and trustworthy leaders who can address the public during a pandemic.Brian McKernan, a technical assistance team manager at SAMHSA, emphasized that mental health pandemic planning is already well underway in several states, including California, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, and New Jersey. Some have already planned ways to ensure adequate supplies of psychiatric medications for mental health in-patient and outpatient facilities, while others have developed resources to address more general needs such as stress reduction. He also said federal officials have addressed mental health planning in a supplement to the HHS pandemic flu plan.McKernan  urged webinar viewers to consider training people to provide psychological first aid, a well established, practical approach to contacting and engaging people and assessing their mental health needs in an emergency setting. Having these first aid providers will help alleviate the strain on traditional mental health providers during a pandemic, he said, “And it’s designed for use by paraprofessionals.”Linda Ligenza, a public health advisor to SAMHSA, said the Red Cross has developed a psychological first aid protocol, adding that each state has a disaster mental health coordinator.She advised pandemic planners to identify groups ahead of time who might be especially vulnerable to pandemic disruptions, such as frail, elderly people and those with disabilities or chronic illnesses who depend on other people for their care.The experts also singled out children as another vulnerable group. Taylor urged parents and guardians to use a tone of voice that projects security when talking to children about pandemic topics and limiting the information to age-appropriate topics that they can participate in, such as instructing smaller children about proper hand-washing technique.”It’s vital to limit what they watch on television. They don’t need to be overwhelmed by the trauma,” he said.Healthcare workers will also require mental health support, McKernan said. For example, public health officials can plan ahead to ease workers’ contact with their families during tough working conditions through Internet chat rooms or message boards. Also, he said healthcare workers and their families might face stigmatization because of possible exposure to the virus.Taylor said that unlike during the 1918 pandemic, today’s public health officials can make creative use of technology to deliver mental health services to wide groups of people during a pandemic.After a pandemic ends, mental health services will gravitate back to face-to-face interventions focusing on those who were most impacted and suffered multiple losses, the experts said. However, they urged viewers to consider public ways to make a mental health connection after the pandemic, such as convening a community memorial on a pandemic anniversary date.See also:Dec 1, 2008, CIDRAP News story “PROMISING PRACTICES FOR PANDEMIC PLANNING: Addressing psychological needs in disaster response”last_img read more

first_imgThe fifth national DMK forum dedicated to destination management companies (DMK) and destination management organizations (DMO) organized by the Croatian National Tourist Board brought together representatives of tourist boards and destination management companies.During the one-day program, through a series of lectures by domestic and foreign experts had the opportunity to learn more about the future of companies and organizations of destination management, opportunities and trends in digital marketing, examples of good practice in destination management and business of domestic and foreign destination management companies. “Croatian tourism is recording excellent results this year, and great credit, especially in the period before and after the season, we attribute to destination management companies that have created a variety of quality offers for our visitors. Therefore, in the coming year, the Croatian National Tourist Board will be their partner and support the growth and development of DMK through the allocation of grants to finance tourism programs and offers of these companies, for which in 2018 we have provided a significantly higher amount of five million kuna”, said the director of the CNTB Head Office Kristjan Staničić.The importance of DMK was also emphasized in the Tourism Development Strategy until 2020, according to which the number of thirty currently registered specialized DMK agencies should increase to 150, which in cooperation with local tourist communities, private entrepreneurs throughout Croatia would offer various tourist programs, tours and specialized experiences. mostly for pre and postseason. “The Ministry of Tourism supports a strong synergy of destination management companies and organizations that guarantee the development of complex products, but also the development of tourist regions, and therefore we are working on amending the package of tourism laws that will strengthen their growth and work and provide opportunities to develop new offers thus attracting new visitors to Croatia.” said State Secretary Tonči Glavina.In the continuation of the program, the increasingly sought-after travel services made to measure / tailor made travels. Igor Auferber from the Croatian DMK agency specializing in gastronomic and cultural tours Tureta Travel emphasized that individual travel and tailor made programs require a very systematic approach to each individual guest and that is the biggest challenge.The average world tourist today belongs to the so-called millennial generation and is characterized by social tolerance, environmental awareness, peacefulness and technological brilliance. That is why DMK and DMO must know how to communicate in marketing with this demanding group, which consumes digital content on a monthly basis for 127 hours. The emphasis should be on speed, timely exchange of information with a creative approach confirmed David Meany from the leading European travel company Contiki. The importance of the internet, especially Google advertising has been highlighted Miroslav Varga from the Escape agency, who emphasized that advertising should strive to be indigenous and original in order to stand out as much as possible in a market full of common advertisements, banners and advertisements.<br />
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first_imgOn the occasion of the celebration of the World Tourism Day, the Department of Tourism and Economy at the Faculty of Economics in Split, the leading higher education and scientific institution in the field of tourism in the region, organizes an expert meeting and panel discussion entitled:“Digital transformation in the function of sustainable tourism”The meeting will take place October 10, 2018 u 10: 00 hours in the Ceremonial Amphitheater of the Faculty of Economics in Split, and their experiences in the application of digital-based solutions will be shared by stakeholders from the tourism and travel industry. The meeting will end with a panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges that digital transformation brings to tourism.Join us in thinking aloud on this important topic, link to the application form: APPLYlast_img read more