1, included, in fact the maximum content is, of course, is a collection of original content to reflect the maximum. The maximum is not included in the blind pursuit of the collection number, that is meaningless, we are pursuing is to enhance the essence, it is the weight of ascension, so we have to do is to maximize the

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4, stable high performance, stable access speed has greatly improved user experience, but also improve the spider crawling efficiency, improve the spider crawling efficiency is to improve the website optimization effect, so as to enhance the frequency of visiting spider, sometimes discontinuous snapshot is because the problems of stability and update the spatial frequency, it is not the more expensive the space is more stable, we are pursuing the high cost of space, it is also a maximum optimization of. read more

began to do the chain, to know the forum signature, after a month of harvest is very small. Domian’s own site, only 100. This effect was compared with the master, pale into insignificance by comparison. After the company let me accept an old station chain and included are very good. The chain has more than 3W, but after the construction of the chain for a week, the chain fell even basic wholly intact, the phenomenon may be a domain statement is the estimated value, but their ability to do outside the chain really needs to be improved. read more