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is nearly a year, around the year-end summary of venture capital is dazzling, but this year the most controversial summary and not from a popular investment chiefs — women entrepreneurs Yu Xiaodan 90 "disease in me" maxed social network, and lament the capital will own kicked out of the empty fox founded.

Yu Xiaodan was born in 1990, founded in 2014, second-hand trading community empty female fox, and subsequently by the capital blitz, according to public information, the empty fox obtained from Sequoia Capital lead to 20 million yuan A round of investment in June 2015 August 2015 announced by the Kunlun World Wide Web led the $15 million B round of investment. read more

There are many kinds of

marketing way, but sometimes what marketing is more important than how to do so before marketing, make sure that you are in the stage, which is more suitable for what kind of marketing, and what kind of marketing is the most all-match and what kind of marketing will not be touched.

wants to fine turnover, to identify the user users under

good seeds

domestic free marketing more erosion, one is free to give free affiliated small items, such as concern micro signal to send a packet is two only to the handkerchief; probation, not limited free of reality, such as to send a monthly period. The former is called a big net, caught most of the products useless "small shrimp", which are often too big, but strength results are often not the first look so effective. read more

said the derivative of the word, it should be said again today a commonplace talk of an old scholar, micro business, the micro business philosophy has not changed, but a lot of misunderstanding in the application process, these misunderstandings will distort the derivative business philosophy, which leads to the micro business management has become more and more difficult. A lot of people only through WeChat to complete the sales task of marketing is micro business, this concept is not comprehensive, a successful micro operators will inevitably have some excellent qualities, with a positive attitude to business derivative. Then, according to the actual business concept of micro business, analysis of how to make a successful micro business. read more

004 based mierkat cross-border Amazon holds a class has ended!


based Amazon holds a class will be officially opened in July 9th


based Amazon holds a class of July 16-17 is hot application! Hurry up!

course highlights:

1, the system to learn the Amazon platform knowledge and skills

students will go through 2 days of time, learning system of 7 modules, 12 elements and 50 knowledge, master the knowledge and skills of the Amazon platform, including Amazon platform policy and characteristics, how to open an account, account of how to optimize, product selection, how to accounting for drainage and selection skills, let students "no ABC, can easily earn dollars". read more

a lot of this year, "network camp hall," the theme is how to do a good job in O2O marketing promotion. For the store, the Internet is a new world, but it is not easy to make money from the internet. To carry out network marketing many entities, but due to various reasons the effect is not very ideal, provides a new model O2O model for store development of electronic commerce, the key is how to help the store to customers from online to the next line? O2O model is how to do marketing promotion read more

since Taobao mall opened, Taobao put more traffic into the Taobao mall, the original ordinary Taobao Street shop flow fell, shop owners can only be turned to business domain independent shop. Independent shop operators, the owners tend to put most of the energy on the site’s external marketing promotion, while ignoring the site itself to enhance the user experience, thus the loss of part of the turnover.

we say a shop transaction orders depends on two factors: the flow and conversion rate, if the online user experience is not high, the conversion rate is poor, more traffic in vain. So pay attention to enhance the user experience, focusing on the conversion rate of the order is also worthy of our attention. read more

In fact,

said the rural electricity supplier O2O, you may still have some strange, but in recent years the development of rural electricity providers have indeed made some achievements, such as Taobao village, they are based on the soil is obviously more unemployed at home rural youth. When the city’s resources continue to dig saturated, the rural electricity supplier this emerging market can bring a brilliant ten years to the observer it?

from a rural development perspective, the electricity supplier can not only provide some shopping needs for rural people, more important is the electricity supplier to revitalize rural sales network, let rural sales of agricultural products to a more effective and efficient way to expand, while the electricity supplier will also help rural and Internet connection that will get rid of the past behind the shadow, through multiple levels for rural development, but also by its development brought the overall business progress, this is a gold mine for the electricity supplier can be said that in rural areas it is a development opportunity. Therefore, the double effect of the development of rural electricity supplier is extremely impressive, but also a great driving force. After all, rural resources have been ignored by the mainstream population, but in the current pursuit of more natural quality of the community, the rural industry is expected to usher in considerable development. read more

spring, the recovery of all things in March, a new generation of Android and Galaxy S7 edge S7 Galaxy the strong back, the two section of the 2016 most popular flagship will be listed in the first Jingdong. March 11th 0:00:00 onwards, to participate in the appointment of S7 users can receive your Galaxy page in the Jingdong. March 18th 0:00:00 began, Jingdong APP open platform to buy, the end of the more able to grab an hour ahead of time.

event details: link read more

in recent years, fresh cold chain logistics market has intensified the trend, the cold chain logistics enterprise and warlords, have to compete for this piece of freshly baked cake. In addition there is fresh produce large subsidiary of COFCO COFCO I buy joined the melee, the logistics courier companies also have, such as rookie network, SF and other enterprises, relying on the construction of internal logistics system is mature and a party to dominate the business enterprise also entered the Jingdong. read more

foundry giant Foxconn do electricity supplier. In November 2014 05, the media reported that Foxconn once again the density of electricity providers to accelerate the layout, intended from the internal transferring 99 cadres business institutions to join in the full vigour of life, rich networking that Foxconn was set up last year, to re build their own business platform.

was involved in the electricity supplier,

as a typical foundry enterprise, Foxconn is unwilling to permanent wedding dress has been a dream, complete the transition from processing enterprises to trade enterprises. read more