Xining snacks allow visitors to experience the taste of the tongue

"Come to Xining must eat local snacks! Xining snacks price is not expensive, unique taste. Today, we are one family here to taste niangpi. This shop filled with people, we had to carry the bowl to eat outside niangpi. This stuff is really good. We also eat sweet grains and yogurt for a while." July 19th, in the city of a business booming snack shops, tourists from Sichuan Zhang praised Xining snacks. In recent days, some of the snack bar in Mo street, wells lane, Garden Street, the reporter saw, I come to vacation leisure city tourists have a taste of Xining snacks, a sinseong hoe, enjoyable.

July 19th, 20, reporters were in Mo street, Water Lane, Garden Street and other places to see, some of the business booming snack shop, crowded, bustling. Many foreign tourists want to taste the snacks into the store, the results just to the front of the store, see the inside of a packed crowd, even without a pin, he bought a variety of snacks, holding a bowl in the street to eat, like to eat delicious. Niangpi, grains of sweet, sour milk, jelly, etc. have a distinctive flavour Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce Xining snacks sales was booming. In some snack bars and even lined up in front of the queue, the queue is mostly foreign tourists. Some foreign tourists did not feel happy to eat, and then packed away their favorite snacks, ready to eat a good meal at the hotel.


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