To solve the things concerning the masses really

The day before, the first provincial steering group leader, former deputy director of the Standing Committee Liu Xiao pomp, do not say hello, the deep part of Huangyuan County township of Xining city in rural areas to guide the party’s mass line educational practice activities.

when Party cadres and grassroots masses "line above a layer, below a layer", "Gongchesiyong past commonplace thing now feel shame" and other words, Liu Xiao pointed out that the grass-roots party members and cadres have met in the future, to clear the key task, attach great importance to overall planning, promote educational practice in depth; close to reality, with the unity of thinking, focus on four winds to find the problem solving, treat the masses chill push "bad style, so that the people involved; to help to solve the problem of the masses problem oriented, learning while improving, Li said Li line, Li Li line change, start from the trivial, really solve the immediate interests concerning the masses of things, the style of construction, to do all the work Strict and orderly educational practice.  

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