Xining urban drainage management approach will be issued to permit drainage of sewage

do not look at the drainage wells all day long "lying" in the humble, but a storm, floods, its role can be really small. Reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, to strengthen the Xining drainage facilities management, standardize city sewage, prevent water pollution from the source, Xining City formulated the "measures for the administration of Xining city drainage" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), the "measures" by the Xining City ninth executive meeting, will the formal implementation.

it is understood that, with the increase of the city of Xining city construction, city infrastructure construction has undergone rapid changes, the city drainage pipeline from 139 km to 814 km now, check (Yu Shui) wells from less than 6000 to 41 thousand seat seat development now, the city drainage system is basically formed. However, with the increase of the city drainage facilities in Xining city and a city "model city" work demand, the original management system can not meet the current needs of city drainage management, while the lack of special city management, city drainage planning, construction, management and maintenance of many malpractices.

"measures" provisions, have engaged in manufacturing, construction, real estate development, electric power and gas production, scientific research, health, accommodation and catering, entertainment business, vehicle cleaning and other activities to Xining municipal sewage drainage drainage households, shall apply to the drainage administrative department to apply for drainage permit, after approval, shall be drainage. Drainage permit is valid for five years, 30 days before the expiration of the drainage permit drainage households, may apply for renewal.

apply for drainage permit shall be submitted to the city drainage application form, the special inspection wells, sewage outfall location and diameter of the drawings and materials according to the relevant provisions of materials for the construction of sewage treatment facilities, drainage and water quality test report before the date of acceptance of a month by the drainage monitoring institution with the measurement certification qualifications issued by apply for drainage permit discharge of sewage caused by key polluting industrial enterprises harm to city drainage pipe network and ancillary facilities to normal operation, shall provide relevant materials have been installed on-line detection device for detecting water content, PH, CODCR or TOC at the discharge port, the other key enterprises and key industrial sewage drainage households should be provided with. Detection of PH, CODCR, SS, water and ammonia capacity and detection system of materials. Because of the need for temporary drainage of municipal drainage facilities, the temporary drainage license issued by the administrative department of water resources shall be obtained, and the temporary drainage fee shall be paid. (author: Wu Yachun)


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