171 Turist Hotel spell skills to provide services

winter, our province’s Turist Hotel into the off-season, in order to improve the service quality of the province’s tourism hotel, establish a good image of the hotel industry in our province, 171 star hotels in their skills, job skills training set off boom.

with the tourist demand becoming more diverse, visitors to the service expectations are increasing, therefore, constantly improve the tourism service hardware facilities at the same time, make great efforts to strengthen the construction of software industry, and strive to improve the Turist Hotel management level and service quality, good shaping of Qinghai tourism image, expand tourism consumption, become the current and future periods an important issue, the province’s tourism industry to face.

at present, the province a total of 171 star hotels, including five star 2, four star 21, star 86, two star 58, star 4, initially built up a framework of Turist Hotel industry meet the service needs of tourists. It is understood that the tourism hotel service skills competition since the start of October, after the enterprise and across the preliminaries and semi-finals singles, a total of 27 teams, 65 finalists, activities including knowledge, practical operation, tooling display.

in recent years, the province’s tourist reception trips, tourism revenue continued to grow, the construction of tourism infrastructure continues to increase, the number and size of tourist star hotels have a larger development. Hold the tourism hotel service skills competition, mainly in order to improve the hotel staff skills and comprehensive quality, enhance the Starhotel Tourist hotel service level and management level, and enhance the image of tourism service quality and industry.


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