Forest fire danger reduced from five to one

In March 31st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, March 29th to 30, in artificial and natural precipitation (snow) interaction under rainfall weather appeared obvious throughout Xining, the precipitation process and effectively reduce the city’s forest (grassland) fire weather level, the forest (grassland) fire meteorological grade by March 29th five dropped to current level.

reporter learned that the whole city in March, less precipitation, leading to forest fire weather rating continues to rise, the highest reached five. On the one hand, Tomb-sweeping Day coincides with the arrival, people go out to sweep easily lead to forest (grassland) on fire; on the other hand, because of the scarce rainfall, increased respiratory disease patients particles in the air to produce side effects on the human body caused by respiratory organs. At the same time, the city has carried out the work of spring sowing, but individual areas of land drought.

began in March 29th when a variety of weather situation is grim, the city ushered in the first spring rain, the meteorological department to seize the favorable weather opportunity to implement artificial rainfall operations. In March 29th 8 to March 30th 8, most areas of the city are down to the first spring rain. One of the two monitoring stations in the city data show that the maximum rainfall in the shop in the observation station of twenty mm, the maximum rainfall of 0.6 mm in Huangyuan County, the county is 12.8 mm, Datong County is 1.7 mm, Huangzhong county is 3.7 mm. The precipitation makes high forest (grassland) fire weather rating from five to a level.

in addition, according to the municipal meteorological observatory forecast, is expected this week, the city is still more precipitation, April 1st to 2, light rain or sleet, during the course of the daily maximum temperature will drop 2 to 4 DEG C.; 4, rain or sleet; precipitation process to the positive role in improving air quality, soil moisture and soil moisture of spring sowing work.


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