3 villages and towns 16 units won the national civilization

recently, the construction of spiritual civilization and the recognition of learning from Lei Feng volunteer service conference held in Beijing, the meeting commended the national civilized city, civilized village, civilized unit fourth, 3 villages in our city, winning 16 units.
it is reported that fruitful activities to create for the show since eighteen Party’s spiritual civilization, further mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the whole society to participate in the construction of spiritual civilization, civilization of the Central Committee decided to grant 34 city (District) Fourth National Civilized City (District), the Title of the 1159 villages fourth national the title of civilized villages and towns of 2242 units, fourth national civilization unit. Datong County Bridge in the town, City North District Baoziwan Town, West District, Hu Tai Street Yin Jia Zhuang Cun won the national title of civilized villages and towns.
won the national civilized unit: West of Datong County District People’s Procuratorate, the State Administration of Taxation, the Municipal Education Bureau, Chengbei District Local Taxation Bureau, East District Local Taxation Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, City District National Taxation Bureau, the Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau of Qinghai Province, Xining Industrial Park of Dongchuan State Taxation Bureau, Xining Construction Bank the East Branch, West District, Huangyuan City Taiwan Primary School in the county power supply company, Qilian Road Primary School District north of the city, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, China Datong County power supply company, Chengzhong District, Yin Ma Street office.

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