City traffic bureau held chuangxianzhengyou activities and analysis of the experience of the Council

2010 in November 19th, Xining city traffic bureau held the city chuangxianzhengyou exchange of experience and analysis review conference. General assembly by the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, discipline committee secretary Xu Cunde. City bus company Party committee, city transport company Party committee, city yunguanchu Party branch, Rita rental Party branch for the exchange of experience speaking, Shen Qing, CYTS, teshin rental units are written to exchange experience. The meeting of global system chuangxianzhengyou activities were carried out democratic appraisal. City chuangxianzhengyou second inspection group He Qingping, deputy head of Li Qinglin, a member of Wang Bin attended the meeting. A member of the board committees, board units responsible for the organization, at all levels of a office staff, front-line workers and transport all Cadres Bureau a total of 132 people attended the meeting.

, the newly appointed bureau party secretary, comrade Ma Haizhou after listening to the unit exchange report made an important speech, summarized and confirmed the global system of chuangxianzhengyou activities carried out five months of work, and put forward specific requirements for the next phase of chuangxianzhengyou activity and the focus of the work of the global system. He asked for a period in the future of the global system of chuangxianzhengyou activity: is to strengthen the organization and leadership, to promote activities in depth. two is the overall work of the city around the , do a solid job focus on transportation. three is to strengthen the organization of , play the vanguard role of Party members. four is learn from practical experience, further innovative ways and means. five is to strengthen supervision and guidance of , do a good job of implementing the task. six is to increase publicity efforts to do a good job typical cultivation.

focus on the work of the future, focusing on eight aspects of the arrangement, is a serious study and implement the spirit of the party in the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee . two is serious preparation of the 12th Five-Year plan. three is a deep grasp of bus passenger market management. four is a deep grasp of road transport market management. five is steadily promote the integration of urban and rural transportation. six is to improve the transportation industry city mechanism to enhance the image of transport services. seven is to further enhance the effectiveness of Party and government organs. eight is serious planning next year.

Municipal City chuangxianzhengyou second inspection guidance group deputy leader Li Qinglin is also on the transport system to carry out chuangxianzhengyou activity achievements made fully affirmed, and four suggestions are put forward on the future work. First, around the center, serving the overall situation. The two should be organically combined to carry out activities and do a good job in the work of the various traffic two, two. Two is to improve the quality of continuous learning;

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