The future of science and technology to promote green from five aspects

reporter learned from the provincial science and Technology Department was informed that the end of July, the Ministry of science and technology, Chinese Chinese academy, Academy of engineering, National Natural Science Fund Committee, Qinghai Provincial People’s government issued the "13th Five-Year" green science and technology aid plan ", which is the integration of the relevant departments of the state and local scientific and technological strength, accelerate the implementation of innovation driven to support Qinghai the development strategy is of great significance to play a leading role in the overall innovation of science and technology innovation.

it is understood that in July 2014, the Ministry of science and technology in the city hosted the science and technology aid youth forum, the national science and technology department and put forward integrated green counterpart aid provinces and has the power characteristics and advantages of provinces and cities to start technology aid youth work. At the same time, the Ministry of Chinese China academy, Academy of engineering, National Natural Science Fund Committee and the Qinghai Provincial People’s government, jointly organized the preparation of the "13th Five-Year" green science and technology aid plan ", clear the next five years will focus on five aspects: to promote scientific and technological aid youth work to explore the establishment of suitable for different types of ecological province the system function and the continuous improvement of the technology mode, to provide technical support and services for the construction of National Park ecological protection and construction projects and the source of Sanjiang, to promote the construction of ecological civilization on the stage; the United tackled a number of key technologies restricting industrial development, accelerate the promotion of new energy, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, bio medicine and other emerging industries to form a new the advantages, promote the transformation and upgrading of Saline Lake chemical, electrolytic aluminum and other traditional industries, promote solar energy technology innovation base and lithium magnesium industry science and technology innovation base To enhance the ability to support key industries to encourage innovation and development; establish surgery aid or cooperation mechanism research institutes, universities, enterprises and relevant units around Qinghai, local industries and regional economic development, strengthen the application of advanced technology in transformation, push demonstration base, and wide application, enhance the basic science and technology innovation and service level. To promote the transfer of advanced technology transformation; combined with the national rural informatization demonstration province construction and sustainable development of agricultural science and Technology Park, experimentation area construction, speed up the change of traditional agricultural production mode, the path of development of green, intelligent and intensive, high-end, promote the transformation and upgrading of agriculture and animal husbandry; joint research for hydatid disease endemic disease, promotion technology of precise poverty alleviation mode, support the development of cultural tourism, through the construction of a number of plateau modern science way in the United States support Ecological park, so that scientific and technological achievements to benefit people.


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