Xining City the first batch of 48 small and micro hotels to support cash

on the morning of September 19th, Xining, four districts and counties of 48 small and micro hotel to get the first batch of small micro hotel to support the funds of three.

19 am, small and micro Hotel on behalf of Tong Wang, vice mayor of Xining in the hands of the first batch of funds received from the hands of the city of. Xing oil Hotel Yan Weiming said that in April this year, the government introduced the policy support for small and micro hotels, is the creation of small and micro largest hotel encouragement. Many owners have said that after getting the funds, will further expand the scale of small and micro hotel construction, the development of small and micro hotels in Xining tourism brand, in order to ease the pressure of tourism housing.

Xining City Tourism Bureau Director

Liu Haiyun in honor of the General Assembly on the introduction, at present, small hotels in Xining city complete procedures have 81, 4881 beds, 831 jobs, as of the end of August, has received 93 thousand tourists.

The date of issuance of

funds, small hotel owners can go to the local district (county) to support the development of small and micro Hotel leading group office to receive support funds, receive funds to held their own small hotel business license, the legal representative of the ID card and the account.

Tong Wang, vice mayor of the city of Xining, said at the meeting of the

, the first batch of small and micro hotel opened and put into operation, obtained a good income, in the development of small and micro hotels play an exemplary role. The future of small and micro hotel should strengthen the construction management personnel, in accordance with their respective scale and business requirements, hire professionals to understand, to understand the business, understand the management, understand the skills of the staff as management positions; improve service skills and level of employees in the organization by hiring trainers, inside and outside the province advanced tourism enterprises to select employees outside the province outstanding learning hotel so, to increase the staff moral and service skills training. (author: Ma Rong)


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