How to open a clothing store clothing store experience sharing

clothing industry is a suction gold industry, many friends want to open a clothing store, but do not know how to proceed. Today, we’ll look at how other people to open a clothing store, learn from other people’s experience, can let us in the clothing store when detours.

two weeks later, Liu Xiaoyan got a job. A monthly salary of 900 yuan, Liu Xiaoyan was reluctant to eat a mouthful of fruit, she gave himself a rule, even if hungry, the woman opened the most profitable clothing store, you must save $800 a month. The one hundred piece is really very little, not enough, really very thrifty thrifty, some people do not understand, I feel like how so stingy ah, if not willing to spend money, I always said to myself, I can do a little of what things, but no money, you do not save money no one can help you.

> just four months, Liu

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