Do catering industry must understand the consumer psychology

in the face of the current huge dining market space, more and more people began to focus on the food and beverage industry and joined the ranks, but also created a more glorious period of the restaurant industry. At that time in the face of this fierce competition in the market, food and beverage owners want to stabilize the business, we must be able to grasp the customer, understand the customer’s psychological needs of consumer credit is very important.

first, the psychological effect of food consumption before

consumers in the consumption of food and beverage has a certain consumer preferences for food and beverage consumer psychology, the need for consumer demand for food and beverage and food products to improve the psychological effect of the method.

first of all, from the perspective of food consumption psychology, psychologist Maslow believes that the demand is to wake up, everyone may be in a state of tension has not been satisfied (or uncomfortable state), this state can be prompted him to think of a way to solve the problem is not satisfied. Maslow divides people’s needs from low to high, which are five levels: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, esteem needs and self actualization needs. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, consumer demand for food and beverage out of the restaurant for two reasons: first, in order to replace the family’s daily dining activities; the two is to eat in the restaurant as a pastime and entertainment. Consumer demand for the restaurant actually implies a higher level of emotional, social, self realization and other needs to be met.

A, clean. Keeping the restaurant clean is a matter of respect for the customers and the need for their own business. A clean restaurant can arouse the appetite and mood of the customer, which is also the premise of which restaurant to eat. Because the clean image will give consumers a good impression, when its choice, consumers will be the first impression of the restaurant into consideration.

B, price. As consumers, always want to buy cheap goods. What is appropriate but economists according to consumer psychology research, scientific pricing method. For example, the mantissa pricing method, the price on the difference in the mantissa of different psychological impact on consumers, 20 yuan and 25 yuan is not considered what is the difference between 29 yuan and 31 yuan, but in the eyes of consumers will highlight the difference. Because consumers often love some cheap goods than usual, and once to buy cheaper than others of the same goods will have the feeling of victory, so have a good psychological effect on common food discount. These psychological pricing is very effective in the pricing of food and beverage. (welcome to WeChat: canyin360 learn more about food and beverage)

C, location and environment. The location of the restaurant is an indirect response to the consumer price, a lot of good in the price is different from the other lot, but there is a choice of the direction of customer groups and restaurant business type. Environmental problems can not stay in narrow sense

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