2015 most popular investment in the top four brands of ice cream

the dog has come, the ice cream shop into a popular ice cream shop open state, investors enthusiasm also rose to the heights. Do you want to know what ice cream brands are most popular with investors? Below, the 2015 most popular investment inventory of the top four ice cream project.

Columbo gelato

ice cream tea station

E ice station ice cream

E ice station ice cream selection with the world’s leading biotechnology, the EU food and Drug Administration FDA certified high-quality natural pure ice cream powder production. From northern Italy farm classic skim milk, milk flavor, sweet but not greasy, smooth and soft, is the production of E ice cream first station.

listed above the ice cream project is unique, competitive in the consumer market, won the trust of consumers. Investors love these brands, not only because of their strong competitiveness, but also that they have a better policy protection.

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