Xi Jinping’s trip to ran

President Xi Jinping began on Friday to visit Iran, visit the last stop of Xi Jinping’s trip to three middle east countries, countries will strengthen cooperation, especially the cooperation and exchanges in the new "The Belt and Road" to carry out.

1 Xi Jinping in Tehran on Sept. 23, Sade Abad Palace (blog, micro-blog) held talks with Rouhani. The two sides reviewed the development process of the friendly relations between China and Iraq, on bilateral cooperation in various fields and international and regional issues of common concern in-depth exchange of views on Iraq agreed to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership and promote bilateral relations to a new level, to better benefit the two peoples.

the two sides should energy cooperation as "ballast", to establish long-term stable cooperative relations in the field of energy; the interconnection of cooperation as a "focal point" development of railway and highway, port, mining, communications, construction machinery and other areas of cooperation, implement related infrastructure projects; the capacity of cooperation as a compass "industrial policy to strengthen economic communication and docking, guiding the two complementary enterprises to strengthen cooperation, to build a diversified all-round, wide area, production cooperation pattern; the financial cooperation as a" booster ", and actively explore new mode of study on financial cooperation, strengthen investment in infrastructure bank in Asia within the framework of cooperation.

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