What sushi shop opened in 2017

2017 what do you want to do? Some people want to have their own career as a result, some people want to start their own business through the shop to start their own new life, each have a new year’s wish. So you want to open a shop to open what shop? If not? 2017 opened a sushi store? Sushi through the process and special formula, raw materials and rich make diverse tastes and characteristics, exquisite appearance, nutritious and delicious, very different places on both sides of the Changjiang River students, office workers, Ms. Amy’s favor. 2017 to open a sushi restaurant is certainly a good choice.

2017 what sushi shop is better? Xiao Bian recommended for you wo sushi.

sushi sushi. According to the practice of Japanese sushi, add Korean gimbap elements, both Korean kimbap flavor and taste of Japanese sushi sushi Xuan Wo Road Selection of the finest raw materials, with the marinade, exclusive secret wrapped powder, spreading material, ensure the Xuan Wo Road sushi tastes different, by all age class consumer favorite


According to different seasons and different seasons

sushi varieties are not the same, the headquarters of the unified deployment, do not worry about the season, the business is still hot!

sushi sushi. Wo Xuan sushi sushi shop is designed for leisure places, a large number of shopping district design small sushi shop. Wo Dao Xuan sushi into the western mode of operation, convenient dining, buy with walking, with urban people, convenient, fashion trend of consumption concept, modern dining environment, the standardization of food production, the introduction of advanced management mode of fast food world, to create a modern fast sushi restaurant brand.

Xuan Wo Road sushi, different from the cold stores, simple barbecue or Hot pot shop, if you join the Tao Xuan Wo sushi, here a diverse menu making sales will not affect the change by the time and season, to ensure high yield throughout the year, the day. On the other hand, the headquarters of the support from the technical training to the later operations planning is everything, save the physical energy for you to do business life two.

The above is the

of this brand of sushi Xuan Wo Road briefly, if you are on the road to interest Xuan Wo sushi then, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message. Of course, if not satisfied, but also to provide you with more similar brands for your reference.

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