Jiangxi Jiujiang in recent years the issuance of 417 million 610 thousand yuan of women’s entrepre

women’s status is now more and more high, not only reflected in the family, reflected in the job market, but also reflected in the entrepreneurial market. However, whether it is male or female, entrepreneurs need to be supported by funds. To this end, all over the country to provide a number of places to guarantee loans to entrepreneurs, so as to help more women on the road to success.

in recent years, Jiangxi, Jiujiang, actively provide loans to entrepreneurs to guarantee loans to encourage them to start their own businesses, active employment. Up to now, a total of 4883 yuan for urban and rural women to start a secured loan of $417 million 610 thousand to support entrepreneurship.

in the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship loan business, Jiujiang Bureau of labor and employment services and finance, women’s federations and other departments in close coordination, positive interaction.

one is to focus on policy advocacy to promote awareness. Through the creation of publicity column, publicity, establish advisory telephone, home visits and other forms of publicity, loan amount, term, object, process and conditions of Shen Shen and the discount range and other related knowledge were widely publicized, further enhance public awareness, expand the policy of inclusive face.

two is to benefit the masses tamie. For women with projects recommended, guidance, policy advice and other services, forming a "record registration, project promotion, expert consultation, loans, tracking service" the five supporting mechanism.

three is focused on strengthening the management of risk prevention. Strengthen the pre loan review, strict access to the loan before the investigation, the application of the audit materials, the ability to confirm the security clearance and loan audit recommendation. Strengthen the post loan management, the implementation of the return visit system, the establishment of tracking service files. Actively understand the operation of the project, to help implement the relevant policies to solve practical difficulties in the business. For a loan that is due to expire, call a month ahead of schedule. At the same time, a good reputation, repayment of the loan applicant actively continue to guarantee continued funding.


that the implementation of preferential policies, will allow more women to get benefits, which can successfully venture onto the road. In short, business loans for the masses of women truly affordable, universal benefit, benefit women entrepreneurs become the "timely rain", to make Jiujiang the "everyone Yong venture, one can start" of the entrepreneurial city help luster.

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