Jiangxi youth will be able to enjoy a full range of entrepreneurial support

with the implementation of policies, funds, taxes and other measures to help, Jiangxi youth will be pleased to usher in the new business in 2016 to support the new deal. Under the guidance of the government, actively carry out a number of college students entrepreneurial activities to promote college students to climb the peak of entrepreneurship.

Jiangxi "on a number of measures to promote youth entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") before the date of introduction. The "measures", the municipalities and districts in the province to build 1 to 2 youth entrepreneurship demonstration, college students can retain the school school entrepreneurship, Jiangxi youth employment fund not less than 10 million yuan per year, through the above measures to help youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

College graduates enjoy one thousand yuan

"measures", the 1 to 2 respectively to build a demonstration space. Colleges and universities in the province to build a relatively concentrated area around 3 to 5 provincial college students entrepreneurship park. Encourage all levels of government to build a small town, to support the establishment of youth groups e-commerce, software design, big data, cloud computing, animation design and other related areas of Internet companies.

harbor student status for a maximum of 7 years can be


"measures", the establishment of innovative credit accumulation and transfer system in Jiangxi, the high school students leave school business, retain the school suspension Entrepreneurship (vocational 3 years to 6 years, in 4 years to 7 years).

on the province’s youth entrepreneurship incubator (Park) in start-ups, all produced by the third party logistics logistics costs, recommended by enterprises

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