How about 60 line

Chinese of catering pursuit crazy staggering degree, of course, this is not what I think is not good, although God has given people: appetite, desire, desire, or the four name small demon, but feel that the appetite is most attractive, if learn good food into a control. Part of your life, your life will be more wonderful.

demand for delicacy is great, and modern people of snacks should be of high quality, launched on the market today is the quality of noodle brand, fashion design, health and safety, worthy of selection and recognition. Line 60 noodle is one of them, line 60 nanowires innovation, on the basis of the traditional fashion design, safety quality, rich products, high nutritional value, so that franchisees profit easily.

60 joined noodle which is better? Line 60?


line is sixty Anhui road to independent brand catering Management Co. ltd.. Since its first franchise seafood restaurant chain 60 powder features in Qingdao City, to the operating characteristics based on service satisfaction as the guarantee, won praise and admiration of many diners. Customer satisfaction has always been the direction of development, with advanced management standards, excellent dishes produced quality assurance system renowned gourmet circle.

line 60 nanowires by virtue of its unique charm of the brand strategy and quality service, to set off sparks of fire Liaoyuanzhishi. Fashion and delicious Chinese fast food restaurant, "old street" features Home Dishes formed three own brand. Food and beverage company has a star hotel operating experience in the development and operation of the team and a strong team, and to achieve the standardization of logistics, operational processes, service internationalization.

products in the production is very focused on quality, product innovation, there are a lot of high value ingredients, health quality. Online stores were 60, heritage of Chinese civilization and the essence of seafood cooked delicious to innovation, the five elements of the road have seafood. Gold from leather, by dozens of professional nutritionists, scientific nutrition ratio. To add wood flavor, taste dozens of rare Chinese herbal medicine careful seasoning. To run under the water, concentrated soup essence, delicious soup filling.

line 60 nanowires advantages:

brand advantage: this brand is a quality, well-known brands, fashion healthy snacks, security market, it is worth choosing. Line 60 noodle line with domestic commercial real estate giant Jin Yuan group, Guogou century landmark group strategic cooperation with Starbucks, pizza hut, neighbors, and brand style.

market advantage: the production of products in the market is very high nutritional value, to ensure that the rich taste, innovation, business easy. China’s catering industry has entered a rapid development stage, 60 noodle is an industry sprung up in recent years, due to the online flower >

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