Chongqing issued 26 billion 170 million yuan loan guarantee business

Chongqing entrepreneurial guarantee system for entrepreneurs to improve the gospel. It is understood that by the end of 2015, Chongqing entrepreneurs issued a $26 billion 170 million venture guarantee loans to support the start-up of the 333 thousand, driven by employment of 1 million 125 thousand people.

Chongqing venture guarantee system has been improved: first, improve the security system. The establishment of small and micro enterprise financing Guarantee Corporation, the establishment of 1 billion yuan of small and micro enterprise financing guarantee fund.

Chongqing venture guarantee system continues to improve: two is the total amount of security. The scope of the guarantor by civil servants to state-owned enterprises and institutions of formal workers; personal loan limit from 100 thousand yuan to 150 thousand yuan, and the partnership enterprise loan limit from 50 thousand yuan per person to 100 thousand yuan, to allow individuals or enterprises in accordance with the terms of the loans, loans two times. The individual industrial and commercial households guarantee business into the scope of security subsidies.

Chongqing venture guarantee system has been improved: three is the outstanding quality of security. Chongqing venture will guarantee Small and micro businesses development as key targets, the loan amount up to a maximum of 2 million yuan, and the registered urban unemployed, migrant workers, college graduates entrepreneurship focus groups.

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