Small start doing what select 6 small processing to get rich project

many friends want to quit their jobs to start their own business, entrepreneurship is the first step for the project. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to pick up the 6 small processing to become rich project, small investment big profit, very suitable for home business, interested friends come in and see!

1, a small pickle

2, processing synthetic wood-based panel

3, organic fertilizer processing

natural fertilizer is referred to as farm manure, natural fertilizer in addition to improve the quality, but also to meet the market demand of "green", this is the basic requirement for the market of agricultural products. On the other hand, the natural fertilizer industry is the ultimate destination of urban waste, natural fertilizer production can be artificial, factory, industrialization.

4, bean products processing

processing water tofu, bean silk, bean, low investment, simple technology, a small business school would be, do not worry. If the daily processing 20 kg of soybean can income 20 yuan, tofu can feed two large pigs. Soybean processing technology is simple, less investment, a school will also feed the cattle and pig bean dregs.

5, craft flowers

6, processing feed

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