Retail stores to improve the details of services to customers

service is the need to be very careful work, but some shopkeepers in the service process, but can not truly realize the "careful" degree, even lead to provide the service, can not meet consumer demand. Therefore, if you want to make the retail business has a booming development, nature needs to improve the details of the service, so that it will get higher recognition.

in peacetime operation, I constantly change ideas, and strive to create a high quality consumer environment. Get rid of what I can offer "the inertia of thinking, pay more attention to what consumers need to do to improve the consumer experience. No matter how fast online shopping, but the retail real visible shopping experience is irreplaceable. Face to face service, elegant environment, personal touch and a series of delicate details to create the atmosphere, is the consumer needs.

and details of the service is an important part of the retail business can not be ignored. Only continue to improve their quality of service to meet the needs of customers, improve the service of every detail, as a major event to do a good job. Any details of the quality of service can not be ignored as a trivial matter. To improve the quality of service from the little things to start, so that every improvement can bring greater convenience and satisfaction of customers, this is the fundamental source of service life.

details are trivial, concrete, scattered, such as a word, an action, a smile…… Details are very small, easy to be ignored, but its role is immeasurable. Some of the details will be deeply imprinted in the minds of customers, leaving a memorable impression. For individuals, the details reflect the quality of the shop, the details represent the image.

remember once, a female customer came to my shop to buy 26 yuan of fruit and vegetables. She handed me a 50 yuan, I came from the till find a piece of four pieces of 20 yuan, 1 yuan of money to her, she took it back to see if the 20 yuan to me, this is a fake, a change to me. I took the 20 yuan coins carefully looked at, the pattern is relatively vague, rough feel. I think it may be a lot of customers when I ignored the small ticket, but only a hundred dollars to pay attention to the votes. So, I quickly in front of the customer to 20 yuan counterfeit money to shreds.

then gave the female customers a medium grapefruit as a consolation. At this time, next to a male customer whispered: tear a pity, you can buy something to go out." I smiled and said: "I got a pit, do not want to go to pit others." The customers in the shop all nodded at me and they praised me as a conscientious boss. Such a small thing, let me win the trust of customers, enhance the good image of the store.

details can be reflected in any corner of our lives, only the details of the service in place, so

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