The second Jinjiang forum started in Chengdu

Internet entrepreneurs not only in the Internet, focusing on the integration of the development of other industries. Chengdu will focus on the development of the Internet in the financial sector, opened a forum to explore the development of Internet banking industry in the era of entrepreneurship.

11 28, the beginning of the second session of the Jinjiang forum and the development of the Internet industry in Sichuan Province, the report will be held in Jinjiang District in 2015. The forum by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of financial work in Jinjiang District, Jinjiang District, Jinjiang District Office of innovation and entrepreneurship and promote the economic information and science and Technology Bureau guidance, the "Internet Finance +, help business growth" as the theme, explore the Internet financial development to help the real economy and industrial integration. At the same time, the forum announced the "report" the development of Sichuan province 2015 Internet financial industry will use the Crowdsourcing trimaran open solicitation.

The preliminary outline of the report for the first time:

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