Microsofts strategy has shifted when it comes to Silverlight

first_imgWhen Microsoft first unveiled Silverlight back in 207, it seemed to hold a lot of promise. Silverlight was a mobile-friendly web application framework integrating multimedia, graphics, animation and interactivity together into an efficient package, and while at the time many wondered why Microsoft would bother trying to compete with an entrenched Adobe with their own “Flash-like” player, Silverlight actually proved to be forward thinking in that it recognized that mobile was the future of the web.Three years later, though, and it looks like Microsoft is ready to forget all about Silverlight. At Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference this week, there hasn’t been a single session dedicated to Silverlight 5. In fact, Microsoft hasn’t even mentioned Silverlight in its keynote… a strange occurrence, given how forcefully Microsoft has tried to promote it in the past.What gives? It seems like Microsoft has realized that Silverlight has already lost the war for the mobile interactive web against HTML5 and they are shifting focus away from it… at least according to Bob Muglia, Microsoft’s President of its Server and Tools business.Microsoft’s strategy for Silverlight has shifted, mainly in that Microsoft now recognizes that “HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including (Apple’s) iOS platform,” Muglia said. That’s not to say Silverlight will be totally abandoned: it’s still Microsoft’s development platform for Windows Phone 7. But the days when Microsoft imagined Silverlight would rule the web are gone.Read more at ZDNetlast_img

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