DC Universe Online can never be sold once activated

first_imgOne of the benefits of playing your games on a console rather than a PC is the number of retailers willing to let you trade in games. Gamers and the big game stores love it, publishers and developers see it as cutting into game sales and generating revenue they never see when a game is re-sold.It’s got to the point now where publishers such as EA are introducing additional costs for gamers who by used games and want to access online content and features. This method of extracting more money is known as Project Ten Dollar.Sony has gone one step further with the console versions of MMO DC Universe Online. The game requires an online connection to play, and Sony therefore activates each game when you purchase it. The activation links the game disc and PSN key to your PSN account forever. That means you can never trade your game because it will only work with your PSN login.Lazygamer checked this with Sony to make sure the game is a one sale, no trade deal. Sony confirmed it was by saying:Once the PSN key has been consumed with a disk it cannot be resold/replayed with the second user adding a sub – only the original consumer can use that acct. So anyone choosing to buy a console version of DC Universe Online should ensure they really like the game before spending the cash as it’s yours forever. This also potentially means you can’t take it back for a refund once activated, but you can check this at point of purchase with the retailer.Read more at LazygamerMatthew’s OpinionFor PC gamers used to buying MMOs this won’t come as a surprise. The game is linked to you through the account you create and the code used. The system then makes that code dead so it won’t work again.For some console gamers this will come as a shock, probably when they approach the counter at their favorite trade-in retailer and get told the game can’t be traded. That’s going to be an especially bitter pill to swallow if you paid full price for the game with no way to get any of the money back on a trade.It could become the norm for PS3 owners if Sony decide to introduce serial keys on new games. That would kill the used game market for Sony’s console at least, but the big publishers would probably insist Microsoft did the same on Xbox 360.last_img

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