Company ditching Facebook after finding 80 of ad clicks come from bots

first_imgFacebook has been taking a real beating in the business world as of late. Some high-profile advertisers have backed out, and the stock price has taken a dive. Amid all this, one startup has been investigating what Facebook’s ad platform really offers. In a Facebook post, Limited Run explained that its testing convinced the team to ditch Facebook for good.Limited Run specializes in deploying e-commerce systems for musicians, artists, and labels to sell physical and digital goods. As Limited Run was preparing to release a new version of its platform a few months ago, it bought some Facebook ads. Oddly, its analytics tools were only able to verify about 20% of the clicks Facebook was charging the company for. Clearly, this warranted further investigation.After developing its own analytics software, Limited Run discovered that the 80% of clicks that it could not verify were coming from clients that had JavaScript disabled. Since only 1-2% of users actually have JavaScript turned off, this was very unusual. Limited Run then built its own page logger software, and discovered that this mysterious 80% consisted of bots. The company does not speculate on who owns the bots, or what the purpose of driving up ad spending could be, but it’s suspicious.Limited Run also related the tale of trying to get its Facebook page name changed. When the page was set up, the company was called Limited Pressing, and it was understandably interested in changing that. Facebook responded to the request, saying that the change could be made — for a price. Limited Run would have to commit to spending at least $2000 per month on ads. They refused.Limited Run hasn’t provided data for others to verify its claims, so take all this with a grain of salt. Still, it’s not the only business that has been dissatisfied with Facebook ads.via Facebooklast_img

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