Hobbies can also become entrepreneurial opportunities

hobby seems simple, everyone has, each has a certain preferences, there are certain things of interest. So, what is the relationship between hobbies and entrepreneurship? Let us take an example, let’s take a look at!

as a sports presenter, Richard Mantano (Richard  Montao) is very difficult to find the time with his wife, Nicole (Nicole) stay with three young children. "You’re always working." He said, "it’s the basketball season, the baseball season and the football season." But since they became a franchise dealer in LABoxing in July 2007, the same year as the 35 year old, the whole year has become a boxing season.

montao couple was LABoxing first store membership, they love the boxing, taekwondo and other mixed martial arts courses. So when they found that the company is carrying out the franchise business, they firmly grasp this opportunity in the United States of California Carlsbad (Carlsbad) opened a shop. "The reason is very simple, just want to work there." Richard said.

when they benefit from the course at the same time, they also found other advantages to do this business, continue to support, such as from the authorized range from looking for the right store Everything is contained therein., to find a professional coach to teach. In LABoxing’s help, they last November in San Marcks (SanMarcos) opened second stores, and hope soon to open third. They present two stores monthly income of about $30 thousand.

in franchise business is very interesting, but also a lot of related work. Mantano couple everything to be hands-on, including bookkeeping, the installation of automatic vending machine. "You’re the boss," Richard said. "But at the same time, because it’s a small business, you have to take care of all the details, from cleaning the bathroom to dealing with the chamber of commerce."


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