China’s top ten brands of luxury tea

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is just a simple tea, may feel people are not surprising, because the China itself is a love tea country, there are too many brands to choose. In short, China’s tea is also known as the world, many people have the habit of drinking tea, but you know the tea industry ten "luxury"? Following with the small series together to look at China’s top ten brands of luxury tea.

Chinese Hao tea ten brands list NO.1, Yunnan goldenmelon tribute tea

Jingua tribute tea tea, also known as group head tribute tea, is a special form of tea Pu’er Tea unique, because the shape of the pumpkin, tea stored for years after the golden color, named pumpkin, early pumpkin tea is designed for tribute court system, named "Jingua tribute tea". The famous "Jinxiu tea Wang Xiangzhu Jing Taiwan was photographed to 350 thousand yuan /100 grams, equivalent to 3 million 500 thousand / kg, winning the most expensive" Pu’er tea "title. Pumpkin tribute tea is the two national heritage, has been in the possession of the the Imperial Palace until 2007 by the Yunnan people’s welcome back Pu’er City, only the insured amount reached 19 million 990 thousand yuan. This tea is "tea", only for people to visit the shrine.

China Hao tea ten brands list NO.2, Wuyishan parent Dahongpao

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in the Wuyishan Kowloon nest scenic area has three trees and six strains of Dahongpao trees, has been 350 years of history, according to the United Nations approved the "Wuyishan world natural and cultural heritage", Dahongpao trees old trees as listed in the world natural and cultural heritage. In 1998 the first Chinese Wuyishan Dahongpao Tea Cultural Festival, a businessman with 156 thousand and 800 yuan price competition was 20 grams of parent Dahongpao 2005 seventh; Wuyi Mountain Tea Culture Festival, 20 grams of Wuyishan parent Dahongpao and shoot sell 208 thousand yuan price.

equivalent to 10 million 400 thousand yuan / kg. In February this year the auction, Wuyishan Dahongpao tea tree Liao three year concession was Northern Rock tea factory to 9 million 60 thousand yuan photographed. "The history of the most expensive" has been inadequate, because it has long been priceless. The existing 6 mother tree Dahongpao, has long been included in the "World Heritage List", rare tea absolute, in 2006 the government has banned mining.


claims to sell tea Wuyi Dahongpao tea Dahongpao trees, this is not possible, parent Dahongpao tea is rich or not to drink the tea, please pay attention to distinguish, to avoid being cheated. But the breeding parent Dahongpao is down to drink, and now the market said Dahongpao are four concepts, one refers to the parent Dahongpao; two Wuyi (collectively); three refers to a variety of tea blending out with work the best characteristics of fragrance of tea; four refers to the Big Dipper, single tree species (odd).

China’s top ten brands of luxury tea NO.>

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