SpiderMan Silver Lining DLC Leaves Us Wanting More

first_imgStay on target Jake Gyllenhaal Avoids Questions About Mysterio in Sinister SixSony Pictures CEO Says ‘Door Is Closed’ for Now on Spider-Man Split The end of 2018 brings us the final chapter of Spider-Man’s The City That Never Sleeps DLC trilogy, Silver Lining. Like the previous DLC, this installment not only continues the story of its predecessors, but also has additional quests. Though its conclusion isn’t exactly satisfactory, it’s still a fair amount of extra content for folks who enjoyed one of the year’s most exceptional games.This entry sees the return of the mercenary Silver Sable. She’s back in Manhattan to stop Hammerhead’s minions, who are using her technology to terrorize the city. Silver Sable doesn’t exactly care about causing collateral damage, so it’s up to Spider-Man to aid her and keep her in check. On top of that, Spidey has to figure out what to do about his ally, Captain Watanabe, who now wants to deal with criminals in a more ruthless manner.The Yuri Watanabe quest line is one of two optional side missions for players to partake in. The other is the returning Screwball challenges. The Watanabe subplot tasks users with searching the city for audio tapes. These tapes give further insight into Watanabe’s current state of mind and what her endgame is. As before, the Screwball challenges have players completing a series of different challenges. Interestingly enough, there are no stealth challenges this time around. Users can also stop random crimes in lower Manhattan. None of these quests are mandatory, but they’re a good way to give people more for their money.Unlike the last two DLC, Silver Lining doesn’t have any new enemy types. Instead, every single enemy is now wearing Silver Sable tech, which makes them harder to take out. Toss in the two new enemy variants from the last add-ons (the chaingun brute and jetpack foe), and you get some rough characters to face off against. This DLC is just as action-focused as the last one, so you’ll need to be at the top of your game in order to survive. Combat-wise, this DLC is harder than the main game, even on Normal difficulty.While Silver Lining is overall enjoyable, it comes up somewhat lacking in the story department. The Miles Morales, Yuri Watanabe, and Black Cat subplots don’t come to meaningful conclusions. We don’t even get to fight any new iconic Spider-Man villains. In a lot of ways, this DLC feels like it’s setting things up for the inevitable Spider-Man sequel. That’s all well and good, but it would have been nice if The City That Never Sleeps storyline came to its own proper end.While Silver Lining doesn’t live up to its potential, it’s still a worthy add-on to and already spectacular game. We have to give Insomniac props for the way it released this DLC. Getting new content each month is like getting a new issue of a comic book. This is appropriate given Spider-Man’s origins. I doubt we’ll see more add-ons for Spider-Man, which means we have to hold tight until the sequel drops. That won’t be any time soon, and likely won’t be for this console generation. Knowing that is a bummer, but I’m sure the wait will be more than worth it.Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining at PlayStation StoreMore on Geek.com:Sam Raimi Suit Finally Comes to ‘Spider-Man’ PS4‘Spider-Man: The Heist’ DLC Is a Fancy FeastGeeksplainer: The Spider-Verselast_img

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