Anhui hot weather weekend ends

for this year’s weather, you do not want to have Tucao place? The first is the continuous rain, causing serious floods, and high temperature hot unbearable. However, yesterday it, since the mean heat, perhaps to the season and in the recent cold air is ferocious, is expected 26 days before and after from the northeast into the Yangtze River, to overthrow the entrenched here several days of subtropical high, the end of this protracted high temperature weather. 25 days after the period to 26, the province will have a thunderstorm weather, 26 days after the end of the high temperature, according to the meteorological department forecast, Northern Anhui the lowest temperature is 17 degrees centigrade, it seems to be ready for the quilt to sleep at night.


yesterday morning, Anhui Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued the Jiangnan area is still high yellow warning, but this year the temperature is to go to the end point, according to the provincial meteorological observatory is expected to 23~25 south of Anhui, the highest temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, with 26 days after the arrival of the cold air, the hot weather has basically ended. 25 days after the date of ~26 in the province from north to South thunderstorms weather, accompanied by local thunderstorms and strong thunderstorms and strong convective weather of about 8, 26~27, the average wind force in the province will gradually increase to about 4.

the cooling from 26 onwards, until the end of the week (27, 28), the lowest temperature of the northern province will drop to 17 degrees Celsius, the central region daytime temperature of 30 degrees, the temperature of 19 DEG C, our province Southern comprehensive cooling until next Monday, although there are still 34 degrees Celsius temperature during the day, but at night will be reduced to 17 DEG C.

according to the forecast, today’s day, the province cloudy to sunny. This morning, the lowest temperature, the province’s 25~27 C, the highest temperature today, Huaihe to 32~34 degrees north of the Yangtze River, between 33~35 degrees, 34~36 degrees. It is expected that the 25 day of the night, Huaihe to the North cloudy, there are thunderstorms in the north; Huaihe cloudy to sunny south.


days after the weather did not know how to change, perhaps when the temperature is high, but I believe that hot weather like some time ago that should not occur. So, in the heat of 2016, Anhui should have passed away, and people will no longer have to suffer the unbearable heat.

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