Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 607 EPISODE 38 Difficult Marriages

first_imgBarbie’ Friends They came with the sad news; “The unimaginable has happened.”Barbie; “Am died what the unimaginable news?”Fatima; “Collins…!”Barbie; “Collins fought with his dad again?”Fatima; “Collins is no more.”Barbie; “What do you mean that Collins is no more?”Fatima: Sobbing she said; “Collins is dead, cold died he is in the morgue.”She flattened herself on the ground Barbie flattened herself and cried herself out; “They have killed him my dad is among them he is now happy they are  all happy now; where is my Collins now? I can never be happy without him, he loved me without a fault, dad, dad, I’ll never forgive you for denying me the privilege to talk and console my love before I lost him forever.”Collins was mourned by everyone even those who never know him because of his youthfulness; the relatives and family came with his corpse to bury it in his father compound because that is the tradition but daddy Bruce refused.Maria, She is very angry with her father; “Daddy I am very disappointed with you, how can you refused to bury your first son and you know it is a demand of tradition.?”Daddy Bernard; “Cordilia talk to your daughter she is my angel I don’t want to curse her.”Maria She is aggrieved with his parents sulkily she went to her room she wore a black mourning dress to their displeasure.Aminata Maggie: She came to their father and rebuked him: “You are nothing but a beast how can you reject your son alive and also in death? I have to see you in court you have to do it.”Daddy Bernard; “I am waiting for you Barrister, Didn’t I trained all of you? I am waiting for you in court sue me if you don’t mind you’ll go the way of Collins all of you are nothing to me I don’t blame you your mother is a bad woman she is the one pushing you to all this mayhem.”Sep Mum Maama Cordilia add insult to injury; “Daddy Bernard all your children are the same you have to show them that you are their father not their mate they cannot just come here and address you anyhow.”Daddy Bernard; He took steam and talked tough to Aminata; “I am going to surprise all of you. We shall see.Aminata; “You shall not live to hear  the story instead of praying for peace to reign you are spreading the fire to ravage everything  you are such a wicked woman  I never want to hear your evil side I give you the benefit of the doubt but here you are doing exactly what the others had accused you off, your end will not be pitiable just wait and see.”Daddy Bernard; “You are here threatening my wife! Nothing will happen to her she will live to witness your downfall every child of your mother I promise you that, you are now a practicing barrister  but you’ll never be married and I’ll see to that.”Aminata “If your type is left I rather be a single not to be a married spinster that’s what you made of my mom. The law of Khmer will visit both you and your second family.”Daddy Bernard “It will visit you first then we will welcome him.”Aminata: “Cordilia! I am coming for you be ready for me.”Chief Michael He went to his friend and beg him, “Now that Collins is dead allow the family to bury him in your compound as tradition demands.”Daddy Bernard; “When Collins was disrespecting and disowning me did you talk to him? He was going to be your son-in-law did you talk to him? Get out of my compound are you not a hypocrite?”Chief Michael; He apologized to his daughter; “Chief Bernard is really a beast, I never knew him to be like this I always give him the benefit of the doubt he drove me out of his house. I am sorry Collins was wrong by his father.”Barbie; She blamed her father ; “You made me lost Collins he needed me before his last breath I’ll never forgive you for being an accomplice.”Chief Michael He stooped before his daughter and begged for forgiveness; “I have left him I’ll never be his friend again.”The Elders The elders of the family went again to beg for a change of heart; “You are all hypocrites when Collins was misbehaving where were you? Go and bury him elsewhere but not to my compound. Cordilia get me my gun.”  All the elders  ran for dear life. “This is an abomination!” They all cried.The Side Chick She was eavesdropping everything and give him courage and support while he disrespects and insults the elders; “Get me my gun.” The elders ran away and she laughed at them.The Elders They went to the lawful wife and counseled her. To be Cont.last_img

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