Subway has advantages

Chinese fast food taste good, consumers love while facing a health problem is obesity. The improvement of the living standards of people pay more attention to how to eat to eat well, eat what to eat, rather than three, obesity and other health problems symptoms. One of the disadvantages of fast food is that. However, there is a fast food brand will handle this contradiction is very good, it is Subway.

wants to continue to attract consumers to fast food, delicious is the only proper course to take. In the United States, many people equate to low-fat and unpalatable, while Subway’s first moving against the wind, the exclusive launch of low-fat sandwiches. In 2000, Frederic received a letter, a mother said his son often takes Subway low-fat sandwiches for the staple food, the results of a year after weight reduced from 193 kg to 88 kg, the mother has written a letter of thanks thanks to Subway. Frederic seize this opportunity immediately to " not all fast food will be obese " advertising advertisements, making Subway’s reputation and business increase.

why are our sandwiches so popular?

freshly baked bread. Every store sells its own bread every day.

food and bread. After feeding bread either perception or taste very good.

live production. Every sandwich is made in front of the customer.

unified standard:

into any of the world’s Subway restaurant, you can see a unified decoration design, a unified menu, feel the unity of the service concept, to taste the global unity, pure style Subway cuisine. The secret of Subway’s success is simple – the feature is my lifeline. These Subway unique features, so that people in the minds of the sandwich and Subway directly linked.

open service:

All the staff of the Subway

" and " " three smile; three minutes; " service; law, let customers get the most thoughtful and fast service. Three seconds service refers to the guests into the store in three seconds, all front office service personnel to greet guests with a smile. No more than 3 minutes to complete the production of customer orders. All sandwiches are made in front of you.

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