The Mad Hatter brings a little magic to Gotham

first_imgStay on target NYCC 18: The Cast of Gotham On Bane, Batman and Saying GoodbyeDC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC News After two weeks of middling set-up episodes, Gotham is finally getting back to the exciting, insane parade of villains we’ve come to expect from the series. “Look Into My Eyes” wasted no time introducing a new villain to the show. At the very beginning of the episode, the Mad Hatter stands onstage at Barbara’s club, hypnotizing volunteers in front of an awestruck crowd.He is soon revealed to be much more powerful than your average hypnotist. After making one volunteer perform a dangerous and physics-defying stunt, the Hatter whispers a phrase into his ear before releasing him from the trance. Later that night, the man lets the Hatter into his home, murders his wife and commits suicide. The Hatter, all set up in his new house reveals what brought him to Gotham in the first place: He is looking for his sister, Alice.Benedict Samuel as The Mad Hatter in Gotham (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Meanwhile, Jim Gordon runs into Lee at the Gotham City Police Department while trying to pick up his bounty check. She has returned to her old job and the pair have about as awkward an exchange as you can imagine occurring between two exes. Gordon leaves the station in a huff and is soon employed by the Mad Hatter to find Alice, who we learn was of Strange’s patients at Indian Hill.As you’ve probably guessed by now, Alice doesn’t want to be found. She’s holed up in a small apartment, having recently lost her job. Her landlord comes in to yell at her for not paying rent and asks if they can “work something out” instead. She refuses and, after a brief struggle, he forces a kiss on her bloody lip. That turns out to have been a terrible idea, and not just for the obvious reasons. He starts gasping in pain, asking what the girl had done to him. There appears to be something in her blood.Gordon finds the bar Alice used to work at only to learn that she had set it on fire after cutting herself and bleeding on the bar. It appears the only way she knew how to ensure no patrons got infected was to send the whole place up in flames. The bar’s owner picks a fight with Gordon for reasons that still aren’t entirely clear. Seriously, WWE fights have less flimsy justifications.Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is patched up by Lee’s fiance, Mario (James Carpinello). (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)The real reason this fight happens is that the story has to somehow get Gordon to the hospital, where the doctor stitching him up is Lee’s new fiance. Gordon states that he’s fine, no really, fine with the new relationship, and warns the doctor that if he ever hurts Lee, he’ll be hunted down and killed. But he’s completely over her, honestly. Truly. Fine!Gordon eventually tracks Alice down to her apartment where he is attacked by her crazed landlord. She shoots the landlord and saves Gordon’s life before making it very clear that she has no interest in being found by her brother. Gordon returns to Barbara’s club to confront The Hatter, but is almost killed when The Hatter hypnotizes him into stepping off the building’s roof. Fortunately, Alice shows up to save him yet again, firing two shots at her brother who flees off into the night. To thank her, Gordon handcuffs Alice and says he’s taking her to GCPD.While all this is going on, things have gotten creepy at Wayne manor. Bruce feels sorry for the boy who has his face and is doing everything he can to take care of him, despite Alfred’s misgivings. We soon learn that the boy feels no pain and has an unnatural fighting ability. He seems friendly enough at first, but his intents become suspicious when he starts practicing Bruce Wayne’s voice in secret. By the end of the episode, he’s cut his hair to look like Bruce, stolen the car and picked up Selena to search for Ivy.The Penguin (Robin Taylor) announces his candidacy for Mayor of Gotham. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)The pacing of “Look Into My Eyes” was finally at the point where Gotham should have been all season. Every scene moved the story along and the season finally has a clear direction, rather than just a hint at one. Even the twists were surprising without being too out there. We learn that Lee’s fiance is the son of Carmine Falcone, though both claim he is not involved in his family’s organized crime business in any way. Penguin is running for mayor after driving all the “monsters” out of Gotham. He even got Ed Nigma out of Arkham, which should bring some fun chaos to the streets of Gotham. It also does’t hurt that Benedict Samuel’s Mad Hatter is terrifying. This episode was fast, exciting and just a little bit crazy. Gotham is finally back.last_img

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