Arx Libertatis crossplatform port of Arx Fatalis released

first_imgAnyone who is a fan of the games created by Looking Glass Studios (System Shock, Thief) or the Ultima Underworld series by Blue Sky Productions, will no doubt count Arx Fatalis on their list of owned and completed games. It was released back in 2002 by Arkane Studios for PC and Xbox, and was heavily influenced by those games mentioned above. It also received generally good reviews and with good reason.The gameplay is a first-person action role-playing game that offered a mix of combat, gesture-based spellcasting, and stealth, as well as a crafting system and four possible endings based on the decisions you make during play. If it sounds like a game you want to play, then you can pick it up for $6 on or Steam.What’s interesting about Arx Fatalis is that development of the game started up again last year. Arkane Studios released patch 1.21 and with it open sourced the engine. That led to an new project called Arx Libertatis, which aimed to update the game to be played on multiple modern operating systems including Windows and Linux. And as this is an open source project support for other system is also possible due to the source code being available (getting the game to run on Mac and FreeBSD is also possible).With over a year of work under their belts, the Arx Libertatis team have just announced the first release version of the updated engine. It is called Arx Libertatis 1.0 “Bloody Gobblers!”To play it you need to own the original game, which as mentioned above will only cost you $6 (although it does work with the demo code, apparently). Then you can download the official patch and the Arx Libertatis executable, and be playing an enhanced version of the original a few minutes later.As the original game was for PC and Xbox, it relied heavily on DirectX. Arx Libertatis changed that by porting the engine to use SDL, OpenGL, and OpenAL so as to open up compatibility for other systems. They’ve also fixed a number of glitches the original game had, updated the rendering system, video resolutions, and implemented a port to the amd64 architecture.While version 1.0 is now out, the project is far from over. Future development hopes to add a game editor, support for modern shaders, hardware transform and lighting, hardware physics, support for community resources, and continue to improve performance in general. They are even talking about implementing a brand new story mode, too.Here’s a longer gameplay video of the original PC version to give you a taste of what to expect from the game:Read more at Arx Libertatislast_img

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