Portia Doubleday on passing notes and Angelas repressed emotion on Mr

first_img“There’s something to be said about how dangerous these affirmations are.” @PortiaDd on Angela in season_2.0. #MrRobotSDCC— Mr. Robot (@whoismrrobot) July 22, 2016But the real questions may be about Angela’s past. We know the broad strokes, but Doubleday says there are a lot of feelings being shoved down right now. What is she repressing? That’s where the story really is for her this season.She also disclosed that there are several things coming up for Angela. “Things just keep getting slammed her way,” she offered before going on to say there wasn’t much more she could say but rounded it out with “The ending is totally insane…everyone on the show goes through massive changes”.Like Malek, Doubleday has been diving into the fan theories and trying to figure things out, including note passing during the table readings and all sorts of ideas and theories have been discussed and even run by Esmail. However, she also cautioned that, whenever people think they have it figured out, things change. If you think you know where things are going, here’s something to keep in mind –– four of the actors, people who know the show and the characters intimately, all had their own guesses.All of them were wrong.Not that she’s stopped guessing. She recently read the “scarf on the door” theory. If you haven’t heard it, there ya go. The first question Portia Doubleday got when she sat down at our press table at SDCC was “What’s coming up for Angela?”.After joking that she couldn’t tell us, she went on to say that Angela’s quite different this season than she was in the first season and I think the most interesting elements are this idea of brainwash.Doubleday made a commitment to really diving deep this season into the implications of her mother’s death and going to work for E-Corp a.k.a the company that’s responsible for that death and the following cover-up. Guilt and shame are something Angela is living with on a daily basis and Doubleday eschews the idea that Angela “drank the Kool-Aid” or that she’s evil. Instead, she thinks of it as doing what Terry Colby suggested…getting into the company and working her way up to a position where she can effect a change within the company.She’s also looking into the idea of what happens when you finally get power and control. “There’s something very lucrative about it…so there’s that fine line that people relate to.”Asked about Angela’s new affirmations, she described working on them at home so she could see what the experience was. She admitted that they did lift her mood and made her wonder why Angela needs to do them so desperately. I find that answer even more interesting after seeing this tweet during the panel.last_img

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