iFixit Shows Us What Makes Magic Leaps Mixed Reality Headset Tick

first_img It took years for Magic Leap to go from showing off tech demos to finally offering a mixed reality headset for sale. Now it’s finally here… so naturally, iFixit acquired one so they could turn it back into a pile of parts.The Magic Leap One Creator Edition sells for just under $2300 direct from the company’s website. That’s way more money than most people would spend on a gadget only to risk breaking it by taking it apart. Fortunately, the iFixit crew is not most people.They’re more than willing to crack new hardware open despite the risks. So what did they find inside the Magic Leap One? A complex collection of components that add up to make one seriously advanced headset.There are infrared depth sensors mounted on both temples and the bridge of the nose — which is also where an IR dot projector lives. There are also eye-tracking cameras hiding behind the Leap One’s lenses. All these work together to allow the headset to track the wearer’s position without the aid of beacons.Creating mixed-reality experiences requires plenty of processing power, and Magic Leap didn’t skimp. Their headset features a Nvidia Tegra X2 SoC with a Pascal GPU. It’s paired with 8GB of Samsung memory. 128GB of Toshiba NAND provide the required storage and everything is kept cool by a Cooler Master fan.Magic Leap hopes to eventually deliver an “all-day, every day” mixed reality system. The Magic Leap One Creator Edition is not it, unfortunately. iFixit found a twin-cell 36.77Whr battery inside the headset’s “Lightpack.” It’s pretty much on par with what you’d find in one of today’s tablets, but it’s only got enough juice to power the One for a maximum of about three hours.Now, it won’t surprise to learn that the Magic Leap One received a fairly low repairability score. iFixit awarded a three, and that had a lot to do with copious amounts of glue — which is a necessary evil in a device like this that’s built to move.A more disconcerting gripe is that battery removal was a seriously arduous task. Let’s hope the consumer version has a power supply that’s easier to swap.Magic Leap is a pretty fancy high-priced toy with some great features. They have even formed a partnership with Lucasfilm. Their mixed reality headsets continue to dazzle. You can read more about this very entertaining tech here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Meet Magic Leap One, An All-Day Every Day Mixed-Reality SystemMagic Leap partners with Lucasfilm to bring Star Wars to your living room last_img

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