Small investment brand selected small pot Hot pot Hot pot how happy

what do you like best in the cold winter? If I think about it, there must be a hot pot. What is the most popular winter on the industry of food and beverage industry Hot pot is not only delicious but also can keep warm Hot pot. And from Chinese health perspective, nourishing value can not be replaced Hot pot there are other ways of eating, said that fresh nutrition, had to share a unique brand of Chaoshan delicacy Hot pot – happy small pot for a second visit to any Hot pot, pot of small Hot pot, can eat beef slaughtered within 8 hours.

a small Hot pot always happy for you to enjoy the fresh beef, such a good little Hot pot brand project what are you waiting for?

happy little pot is authentic Chaozhou Hot pot local brand Hot pot production process, it is very Chaoshan local color, with the past, people contact all kinds of brand Hot pot is very different. A small Hot pot and a lot of happy Coastal Zone diet, selected prefer fresh ingredients. Today is happy to introduce a small Hot pot, give you 8 hours to kill fresh beef, let a little happy Hot pot fresh, authentic quality show the most incisive, so many consumers for echocardiography.

we all know, like beef and mutton kind of hot pot, is to ensure the freshness of meat, so as to have a better taste experience. But for the hot pot business, from the slaughter of cattle and sheep to the end of the shop processing, this time is difficult to control, short of two or three days may be longer than a week. Especially in winter, the transportation is blocked, processing slaughtered in slaughterhouses meat are often not into the store when the most fresh, happy a little Hot pot can always let you enjoy the fresh beef, it implements cattle slaughter live mode, all cattle field in the shop or by the city designated slaughter, slaughter point processing then the fastest delivery into the store, to ensure that customers eat beef slaughter is no more than 8 hours of fresh beef.

happy a small Hot pot has its own breeding cattle ranch, you can say it is chasing the. Natural pastures, fresh air and forage, feeding the cattle meat or meat or real yield were as a source of meat, checks well, so high quality beef is of course an easy job to do for the day of slaughter, cattle, throughout the cold chain transportation from slaughter to the table just a few hours, but the night is full of beef, fresh day. Every remaining beef are build into delicious beef balls, a happy little Hot pot in terms of raw materials is the conscience of the industry products.


above is Xiaobian to introduce to a small Hot pot brand, if you’re interested to join the brand, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message. Of course, we can also provide you with more similar food plus

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