Jinjiang District professional management help college students entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial activities in China is gradually from the "niche" to "public", Sichuan Chengdu has been trying to build the western innovation city, the construction of a number of college students entrepreneurial base, inspire youth innovation potential, to support youth entrepreneurial success.

provide intimate style fine service, inspire youth innovation potential and entrepreneurial activity, which is the core idea of Jinjiang youth entrepreneurship work, but also to achieve a win-win economic and social benefits.

"two" business carrier "dry facts"

Behind the

Jinjiang follow the industrial agglomeration principle, to support the cultural and creative industries, take the characteristics of the road of development and cultivation of different stages in the development of cultural and creative enterprises, the formation of the industry chain and value chain, the middle and lower reaches of the implementation of the cultural and creative industry agglomeration scale development.

"two" path to promote entrepreneurship service "effectiveness" of

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