The second Guangxi venture start

is now in order to create a good entrepreneurial atmosphere, all over the country to actively promote entrepreneurship and business activities, in Guangxi this year, held the second session of the people’s attention to the business competition.

to promote entrepreneurship typical, to create a national entrepreneurial atmosphere, the second Guangxi venture contest was officially launched in the region. The contest is jointly organized by the autonomous region of human resources and social security department, autonomous region science and Technology Department, the people’s Bank of Nanning Center branch Chinese, Communist Youth League Committee of Guangxi autonomous region Federation and autonomous region Federation of six departments, with "entrepreneurial Xinggui, the dream" as the theme, divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and the municipal district half the finals and finals in four stages, from August 1st to September 23rd, the establishment of time within 3 years (after May 1, 2012 registered) of small and micro enterprises can be close to the location of the human resources and Social Security Bureau entries.

good development project competition

2015 in January, the Guangxi entrepreneurship competition winning projects: national costume design production and WeCar cloud community represented Guangxi in the second national special entrepreneurship contest, in the semi-final stage at fifteenth and 17, gratifying achievements. From the capital of Baise media and ICBC Baise branch, Baise branch of China Mobile jointly issued ICBC Bai Hui joint credit card, in Baise to build the Baihui alliance of well-known brands, the rapid development of.

College graduates

"90" project – "Yiduobei happy children massage with the opportunity to contest, get settled in Guangxi entrepreneurship demonstration base of the qualification, since March 2015, a total of cooperation with the heart Yiduo Bei Guilin bank, kindergarten, Le Qi son early education in dozens of units, opened a" happy children massage department "thirty field. The increasing visibility of the company, the service effect has been affirmed by customers, the experience of customers throughout the community in Nanning.

the previous contest, led the Guangxi many outstanding projects fall into, started the business competition awareness, inject new vitality into the development of entrepreneurship in the region led to the power.

to strengthen project supportBased on

contest for a total of 200 thousand yuan of funds for the contestants entrepreneurial dreams, outstanding participating enterprises have the priority to get small secured loans and other types of business plans and business policy support. The organizing committee also invited outstanding young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, the person in charge of the venture, industry experts and scholars in universities recommend

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