The voice of the golden second class golden week and then upgrade the semi finals baked tuniu

recent hot variety show, "The Voice of China" four has entered the knockout link, Na Ying team competition, in all time watching the match, no one noticed the sponsors behind the battle is fierce.

as "The Voice of China" official tourism website, tuniu National Day theme promotions popular, launched the "where fewer people where to go", "Shoufu" and other new ways to bring new users travel experience.

8 on the evening of 28 August, "The Voice of China" fourth Na Ying replaced Wang Feng, led by the "golden second class" staged tutor assessment second, dream mentor Li Jian also debut. In the assessment of the war, "little Teresa Teng" for the first time Langgalamu challenge of non Teresa Teng’s song, folk singer Zhang Lei put the best guitar, Saya Chang resist pressure to enjoy the stage, students have self breakthrough performance to win the national audience attention.

in the "music poet" Li Jian back, Na Ying group of gold seats by Sun Boguan, Zhang Lei, Langella, Yu. Na Ying group tutor assessment once again sparked ratings boom, the current program to CSM50 City ratings of 5.057% won the ratings champion. Since the launch, "The Voice of China" to achieve 7 consecutive ratings.

as the program Official tourism website, "National Day Golden fun world" theme promotional activities are carried out like a raging fire. From the National Day golden week has been less than a month, because this year the Mid Autumn Festival and national day only 3 days time, to fight fake travel has become a trend, commuters take three days off, you can spell out 12 days long holiday, travel will generally high. By the time of visa restrictions, the Mid Autumn Festival, the national mission of outbound long-term travel booking has been close to ending, but short-term travel abroad is getting better, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China’s Hongkong is a popular destination.

the long-awaited Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday is in sight, in addition to buy a house, buy a car, consumers can also choose the way cattle "Shoufu" stage travel service, reduce travel recommendation

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