May wish to prepare some special purchases for the Spring Festival reserves are special purchases fo

Chinese traditional lunar new year will come soon, once again ushered in the tide of consumption, as the major retail stores, naturally also need to do a good job related to stocking. Many shopkeepers in the Spring Festival stocking in tobacco and tea, since I generally follow this routine. However, in recent years, with the brand milk drinks popular in my store and add special purchases for the Spring Festival walnut milk, peanut milk, such as "fashion goods" in the figure, has been favored by consumers to purchase special purchases for the Spring Festival.

this year, we have a new gift selling cookies, although the price is slightly higher, but to meet the psychological demands of consumers pay attention to health, the sales situation in our rural market is also good. So, I will be in the preparation of special purchases for the Spring Festival as key commodities, in advance with the dealer orders, to maximize the benefits, it is also in order to better benefit consumers.

at the same time, I will not follow those who take advantage of a loophole for selling and special purchases for the Spring Festival sales imitation of unscrupulous businesses. Although the sale of these cottage profit space is large, but it is a great consumer fraud, will lose their credibility, the business will not be long.

any shop will be very important to pay attention to such a special festival, and want to hold such a special day, naturally need to do a good job stocking. And do retail for many years, I already know: as long as the market to seize the pulse of the market, to find out the latest needs of consumers, to ensure the quality of goods, will be able to win in the Spring Festival market.

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