Ma Yun tells you how to start a business

business risk, the investment need to be cautious, not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, sounds very good, let a lot of people. From the start, the stall has a build up the family fortunes, brand stores, but also a lot of petty woman dreams. To big said, like Ma Yun, Chen Ou, such as the people to promote the progress of China’s Internet e-commerce, but also to solve the problem of China’s employment difficult.

after all, and it is suitable for business four kinds of people, first, purely in order to change the state or social status, in order to idealism and struggle, and promote social progress; entrepreneurship will make a lot of money? Do you fit in to make money? How does Ma Yun tell you how to start a business? Second, the pursuit of freedom, a lot of people do not love rejection to work nine to five life; third, not satisfied with the status quo, the pursuit of self realization of the value of people, they feel that they can play a greater power; fourth, it is to make money, and this change is poor, which can be divided into many categories, some although people admire the money, but will not violate the principle of.

of course, this is not the highfalutin reasons, why? Because the world all love money, who don’t know to put a stall, open a shop to earn more than the work life, but fuck heart, who will know? Entrepreneurship will make big money? Do you fit in to make money? How does Ma Yun tell you how to start a business? Around us, there are a lot of people, not only love the work, did not dare to boldly quit his job, this head looked at the head, which is not good.

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