The close relation between O2O and the evolutionary history of dragon tactic

now bursting with popularity of "dragon tactic" gain a good reputation, a good story, the character set is reasonable, special effects are praised in the near future, not many large market conditions, "dragon tactic" to hot, and this movie is not a small revelation to entrepreneurs.

O2O project?

first Gates: Brush mobs save experience

O2O project incubation early, no operational experience, do not worry, Daguai upgrade on the right.

– new product just on the line, the first step is to obtain seeds often face, user. If the user gets the good seed, subsequent development will be very fast, the operation will be relatively easy, to the product, the seed user activity which can best reflect the quality of the product, so that the seed users for a new product precious.

is difficult to obtain the seed users, that simple, not with the predecessors to find out on their own. To explore within the appropriate range – to return to the beginning of the heart. The first thing to do in O2O is to make sure what you are doing, who are the fans? Where are they? What is the age distribution and what are their user habits?

in the jargon, is to make the user portrait, only you set a series of work to determine how accurate the user to the next. To upgrade Daguai first you have to get familiar with each other’s weakness, weakness and just need to seize the operation you will have to go on the road to success.

second off the bridge and Shaman Zombie: onslaught and upgrade

can at this stage basically already in operation have certain experience, and common people started in talent shows itself. Because to keep up with the pace of progress and reckless people have already fell off the bridge! Then there is promotion and salary raise. Of course, there is still a distance away from marry white formica.

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