Hot pot franchise business to make money

For the

franchise business model, many investors to know it is not very clear, this small series to the catering industry Hot pot business as an example to introduce the franchise business is not earn money.

1, the so-called traditional join is:

is now generally take the market to join the way; the franchisee to pay a franchise fee, royalty and deposit 3 fee to the headquarters, the headquarters will have their own names, trademarks, trade name provided to the franchisee for about 3 years;

2, the so-called Technology Alliance (technology transfer training)


board — is actually the traditional join; the franchisee to pay a franchise fee to the headquarters, the headquarters will have their own names, trademarks and brand names to the franchisee to provide long-term use; joining technology (training) the biggest advantage is the joining trader after joining, the headquarters will be the 3 core contents of their grasp teach to the franchisee, namely:

1), name, trademark, trade name used for a long time;

2), food and beverage, hot pot management model and information;

3), Chongqing hot pot bottom material, the old oil production method; (this is the core)

3, technology alliance (technology transfer training):

is the company master Hot pot core "technology and management of secret and brand": from raw materials (1) identification, (2) procurement, (3) formula, (4) production (raw material), (5), (6) the deployment of recycling, post processing, (7) (8) (9) data storage, front office service standard, (10) data Houchu specification, (11) normative materials cost control, (12) information personnel management practices, (13) window management center brand culture pictures and information, (14) the norms of decoration materials; (15) window and the kitchen window Hot pot brand; through paid in the form of one-time pass on to the franchisee, the franchisee is no longer subject to contract and regional restrictions, can use the technology, and their mastery of the secrets of brand management in chain business.

4, technology alliance (technology transfer training) and the traditional join the difference and contact:

1), "traditional joining" is certainly not to teach the hot pot of fried material technology and formula;

2), "joining the traditional" is not allowed to carry out the franchise franchise; people want to join your shop even if there is, you must go through the headquarters; even if you open the chain store, you have to pay the initial fee to the headquarters; even if you want the brand bigger, it is in.

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