How much Tmall shop shop reading

is now very popular on the Internet, especially Tmall such a large online shopping mall, many investors are concerned about. How much does Tmall shop? Specific need to pay attention to what matters? I believe that we are more concerned about these issues, small series this is a detailed description of Tmall shop related matters.

1, Tmall shop how much money? 10W margin (only once, after the shop will no longer pay, but if you sell fakes and other serious violations were found, the 2W margin will be deducted by the completion, or because there is no problem of delay in delivery of goods, buyers pay a single transaction 30%, but also from the margin to buckle, buckle end complete


2, technical service fee of 6W yuan per year (this technical service fee is paid once a year, but if the annual sales reached a certain scale, you can return 50% or 100% of technical service fee)

3, the Tmall

3-5% transaction Koudian


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