China in the past five years 10% of the industry you can never think of the first

ancient language of reason: men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang. Because the nature of the industry is not the same, the decision of each industry has different development space and profitability. For investors, look for the most profitable industry, find the most profitable projects, with the least amount of join, is the most successful investment.


the personal profit of cleaning chemicals, the most horrible. To toothpaste, for example, one of the most expensive ingredients – blowing agent cost is only 600 yuan / ton or even lower, and this $600 foam agent can fill up to 6000 grams of toothpaste. The remaining cost of the effective ingredient is negligible, the amount of calcium carbonate powder per ton cost is only about 120 yuan, the most advanced fluoride toothpaste, the effective ingredient – sodium fluoride per ton cost but $100. Domestic low-end products do not forget, even with silicon abrasive Crest, 180 grams of retail market price of about $13, only how much money can be sold in 6000? Wash your hair will not say, more than this terrorist.


the non carbonated juice drinks the most profitable, fruit juice beverage market retail price of 2 dollars even the packaging cost + equipment costs only 7 cents, while the beverage cans are lower, only 5 cents. Like the diffuse suction fruit drinks, fruit drinks, tea card duo diffuse throughout the such drinks shop, is a low investment high return project profits!



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