Boss love the fish to join the fee and join the advantages of introduction

what is the characteristic? What is innovation? I was able to define innovation in order to meet the demands of mass consumption, provide more features for consumer products, such as food and beverage industry fish. A fish, twinkle in people’s mind and the palm is often grilled fish or fish like dried fish, beef and mutton string directly into the charcoal, put a little salt, pepper and other spices, cooked instant. Sichuan fish popular this year are significantly different with the traditional barbecue, it adopts a unique approach to roast stew ", combines the essence of roast, stew two kinds of cooking process. The boss loves fish is a new kind of fish, so the boss loves fish jiamengfei how much?

How much does it cost to join a

boss in love with fish?

boss love fish join fee:

venture shop: 50 thousand

standard store: 80 thousand

flagship store: 120 thousand

boss love to join the advantages of fish:

advantage: fish stores makes light smoke, no fire, unified production mode, the store making easy fix. No professional chefs, franchisees can be hired after training. The boss loves the fish through the product improvement, oil is only 30% of the usual fish, greatly reducing the amount of edible oil. Special oven, so that the fish evenly heated, the temperature is not suitable for fish products coking, fish products to ensure that crisp outside tender. Secret fish products, fish products dipped in bags, simple operation to ensure the unique taste of fish products.

speed advantage: the boss love fish fish production line optimization, product line operation can achieve the fastest 8-10 minutes for a meal, fish 3-4 times higher than the traditional meal time, save your meal time, improve customer satisfaction rate of over taiwan.

simple operation: easy to produce fish, small noise. The store can be small or large, investment may be less than, business can go, is an excellent investment project. The boss loves fish not only fish products of high quality, is also equipped with a variety of dishes, gravy, creative drinks, rich in fish, eating more healthy.

The advantage of

services: the boss love fish fish shop in the entire output of unified technical training, management training. And can enjoy free technology upgrades, upgrades, upgrades, upgrades, to ensure the success of franchise stores.

The prosperity of

fish industry, has been driven by the hundreds of thousands of people in the industry. At the same time, the industry directly contains billion wealth market, gradually become a consumer favorite popular delicacy, more let the great potential of the technology to become investors wealth program >

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