Half a year back to the four grain health invites you to get rich profit

in the advocacy of public opinion, modern people gradually realize that the health of the body is the capital of revolution, in order to spend their own health. So health become a hot spot for investment investors to crush the health market into a big gold inexhaustible.

According to the investigation authority

in national health craze, cereals with its comprehensive nutrition, green health has become everyone sought health star, in this rising grain health craze, to the silver haired old man down to the growth and development of children, and even many 80 and urban white collar, grain health enthusiasts have become.

only in a town of 300 thousand people for example, every person average monthly consumption is only 5-10 yuan grain products, is a monthly 1 million 500 thousand -300 million staggering gross profit!

TsingDa Sambo health square developed to build the grain nutrition Sambo (Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, such as corn) health products group. And relying on the group headquarters Yingniulin (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd., billion investment in the city of Wuhan Wu lake food >

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